Furrystyle restocked

The penultimate order from Furrystyle has just arrived.
Except for the Rover all the toys are in stock again.
A last shipment of toys will come later, shortly before the production molds, masters and some randomly colored toys from Furrystyle’s last stock are shipped.
Production of the first toys in the new facilities, in europe is planned to start in the first quarter of 2012.

Exotic Erotics unterwegs

Eigentlich sollte sich unsere Lieferung von Exotic Erotics schon vor einer Weile auf den Weg gemacht haben.
Dann wäre sie noch gut vor den Feiertagen eingetroffen und wir hätten
die nächste Bestellung gleich incl. von Wünschen nach anderen Farben, Modellen und Ausführungen bereits aufgeben können.

Leider hat sich die Lieferung verzögert und wurde erst heute verschickt.
Durch die Feiertage werden wir unser Möglichstes versuchen diese noch rechtzeitig im Januar entgegen zu nehmen, bevor die Aufbewahrungs-Frist abläuft.

Da es über die Feiertage jetzt eh keinen Sinn mehr macht und wir auch unseren Herstellern ein ruhiges Weihnachtsfest gönnen wollen,
geht die nächste Bestellung erst nach der ersten Januar-Woche raus.
Für Sonderwünsche werden wir dann auch nach aktuellem Dollar-Kurs die entsprechende Angebote im Shop (und damit nachverfolgbar und mit den üblichen Versand und Zahlungs -Optionen) bestellbar machen.

Wir müssen uns für die wiederholten Verzögerungen bei den angefragten Kunden entschuldigen. Wir werden nach einem besseren Weg suchen, solche Sonderwünsche zu behandeln.

Furrystyle temporary website is up

The furrystyle.com -domain is now hosted on our web-servers (featuring a temporary page) and the iamges, shop-layout, CAD files,.. of Furrystyle will be transfered to us shortly.
The penultimate shipment of dildos from them is already in customs and will be picked up on Friday.
So our stock will be plenty to last for the transition.
First, early tests of our new production equipment show very good results.

YiffyToys(tm) takes over for Furrystyle

In the early days there was only Zetacreations (who’s toys we now sell).
As shipping was expensive and customs sometimes difficult, people regularly organised groups-orders.
One private individual who was lucky enough to own a credit card would take the risk and do the order for the whole group.
Years later a new company showed up, called Furrystyle and with their appearance we decided that a European distributor was needed.
With stock of their own, cheap, local shipping and acceptance of the local payment methods.
This was how YiffyToys(tm) was born.

Now, many years later the former owners of Furrystyle decided to concentrate on the non-furry population and sell everything that makes up Furrystyle.
We stepped in and christmas came early this year.
In a few days the website, domain name, molds, and existing inventory will belong to YiffyToys.

What will happen now?
We do have enough stock of their toys and a large, last order is still produced in the US to ensure that we can continue to sell and ship their toys during the transition.
We are conducting tests, talks and preparations to ensure that these toys will be produced again in the same quality you have come to expect.
This will take time.

This weekend the domains and web-site will be transfered to us.
For reasons of privacy we will (of cause) not get the customer database but a newsletter will inform the existing customers about the change.
A large batch of toys is still being produced, so that our inventory is sufficient to last for the duration of this transition.
We stopped selling Furrystyle toys from our US shop and are shipping them from our own stock in Europe instead. (We do ship to the US+Canada from here and we do show prices in USD if desired.)
Shipping of the molds is already being prepared.
We have already set up the first casting and mold-making equipment.
We have also already conducted successful test-casts in production quality and will continue these tests. After we are content that we can repeatedly create the desired quality, colors and softness we will scale up the equipment to production scale.

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