We are online again!!!

Most of the major shop-software upgrade is done.

We are still not present on Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk again but the basic shop is live.

The URL has changed to: https://yiffytoys.de/shop2/

If you notice anything broken, please tell us at Sales@YiffyToys.de

Known issues:

  • We are waiting for the first national, international, non-Euro,…  Paypal and Credit Card orders to see if anyone reports any issues we could not test ourself.
  • Amazon integration could not be migrated over properly. We are working on that.
  • Some minor HTML details here and there can be improved

Shop upgrade

We are currently in the process of a major upgrade of our shop software.

This will take at least another full day. It is something we prepared for nearly a year and involves serveral major steps.

When we do open again, it may be that Paypal will not work right away. Also some details in layout and automatic emails may still need attention.


During Eurofurence quite a few things got sold out.

Since then we have already restocked our lubricants, GLC and FurryStyle.

We expect a delivery by Sidewinder soon.

Foxy Rabbit we expect a bit later. You did not manage to sell our anything from Twin Tails, KnotMe or Primal Desires. 😉

Exotic Erotics and Zetacreations will likely take some time due to the size of our orders.


As promised we also added photos to the Croxic and Mocha. These 2 new models came in literally while we where driving to EF and there was no time for photos before the convention.