Delivery of Zetacreations toys on it’s way

While the last delivery is waiting in customs,
a new delivery of Dildos by Zetacreations (English / German) is on it’s way. When it arrives, we expect all Zeta toys except Durka and Euro Knight Rider to be back in stock.

You can track the shipment if you are eagerly awaiting some toy to get back in stock.

Usually, we would expect it to arrive in about 10 business days (including customs).
Then we just have to count, label and sort it for the new stock to be available in our shop (English Shop / German Shop). When that happend, we’ll report here again, so you can place your orders on items that are curretly still out of stock.  

Custom dildos
As always with this manufacturer, we do not offer custom orders to be included in the next shipment because if the long lead-time.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

Halloween Special

For the first time we are running some custom made toys for the season.
Click the image below to see the toys in detail

Halloween Special

The toys are build to order by Bad Wolf and will thus take longer to be shipped then the inventory we keep ourself for immediate shipment.
However since the manufacturer is known to ship quickly and shipping doesn’t involve a ship crossing the ocean, we are confident that this will work out within the time stated in the product descriptions.
Both of this is so we don’t still have a stock of these limited toys when the season ends.
Being a small shop this prevented us from doing suck events in the past.

New delivery by FlurbMe on it’s way

A new delivery by Flurb Me is on it’s way. You can track it here.


The VixenMaker is a buttplug that a humpable vixen of medium ‚Fantastically Fuckable‘ size and the default soft firmness.


The MareMaker is the same for a mare.


And the PonyMaker the same for a stallion.

Custom toys:
For just a few days after this delivery arrived and before we place our next order right away, it will be possible to order custom variation again. Just contact us via email, stating all the details like colour and firmnes. Then we’ll provide you with a custom product that can be ordered exactly 1 time via the regular ordering process. The only  difference is that it obviously takes longer to ship and we require it to be fully payed right away. Also for custom made products there is no 14 day return period.

Bad Wolf delivery with new models right before EF-Online

Despite silicone shortabes, the announved delivery by Bad Wolf (English / German) has arrived. Since this order was placed a long time ago, we did run out of stock on some other toys while this one was being made.

New Models

With this delivery we also received some new models.
However the silicone shortages mean that this arrived way later then expected and we are to leave for Eurofurence-Online tomorrow morning.
We will try our best to make photos of the new toys to add them to the shop but it is a race against time.

Morgen Ejaculating

The first new toy is an ejaculating version of the horse „Morgan“.
Perfect to be used with the new delivery of Wolf Cum Lube.

Morgen the Horse (photo of the non-ejaculating version)

New front page

Since Eurofurence Online is around the corner,
we have taken the opportunity to do some long overdue improvements to our shop front page.
This is, so that you can reach your desired part of the shop with less clicks and can see what each of the sections „deep down“, „bondage“, „slippery“, „protecting“ and „artistic“ have to offer right away.
(So you don’t miss the Wolf Cum lubes, special kinds of comdome or that you can see all the dildos sorted by size categories fitting your level or comfort.)

EF-Online NOT in VRChat

Sadly we (and all other adult dealers) have been informed that our prepared booth for the VR experience in Eurofurence-Online will NOT be shown.
We will however:

This is due to VRChat being in the US and not Europe and their Terms Of Service being extremely vague regarding and kind of adult content or advertising thereof.