Amazon and business invoices…again

We just got an email that >5% of our Amazon-Business customes got no automatically uploaded invoice.
That >5% is 1 of 1 business order in a year = 100%.
We actually have automatic upload of invoices seet up.
However the Amazon API only allows to upload an invoice.
Not to check if that upload worked or if an order already has an invoice.
The log also shows that indeed an attempt at an automatic upload was made.

There is also no way with Amazon to only supply end-users and not accept orders from businesses.

We contacted the company that provides the Amazon-integration plugin we use but since this isn’t the first time, there will likely not come anything from this.

New search criteria „lifecast“

We offer a range of canine and equine toys life cast or 3D scanned from real animals.
(Obviously they simply don’t mind and are never hurt in any way.)
To make it easier to find them, we added a new attribute and a filter criteria for them.

shop update

We just performed a major update of our shop software including the move to a new major PHP version.
Everything seems to be in order.
However if you notice anything not working as it should, please tell us, so we can have a look and fix it!

Bad Wolf V2 – Small

With the last delivery by Bad Wolf,
the „Bad Wolf – Small“ cock sleve has also been replaced with the new version 2 variant.

We updated the photos of regular (16cm) and small (14cm) version in the shop.
Photos in search results may take a while to update in the cache.

internal hickup

We irregularly check the list of newly registered customers.
This is done to delete spam-accounts and hacking-attempts created by bots.
Introducing the Captcha helped a lot here but it’s not perfect.
We noticed that the newest account listed for us was quite old.


Some investigation found that a daily reindex process was stuck since October and the list of all account shown to us in the backend (and only that list) was not updated because a previous run of that had died but never released it’s database lock.
Luckily only the index of the user-list was affected. All other indices (like all products, all new products, all products with a price change,…) worked just fine.

…work never stops.


A short search revealed how we could get this unstuck.
Only the list of all user account for administration and customer support was affected.
Customers could create and use their accounts all this time with no issues.
In the end we found just 48 new accounts obviously created by bots.
(Before introducing the Captcha this number ranked in the tens of thousands.)

Categorize by price

We have changed the selection of toy size categories,
so you can select by price range inside each category right away.

We think this should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for
in our vast selection of toys.
You can still select your own price range to match your budget.
These are just suggestions based on the typical prices of toys in each category.



Contrary to the old one, the new layout also properly flows in mobile devices and narrow browser windows.

Bad Wolf restocked

The delivery by Bad Wolf (English / German) has arrived.
All but 2 toys and all lubes are in stock again.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

FurAffinity Banner

Due to the current inflation and uncertainty, business it down a lot.
We took this opportunity to test an ad banner on FurAffinity for a month.

Strangely, their ad-report shows significantly more clicks then our fa-specific landing page counted requests.