Shop outdage fixed

We had a short outage that search and product category listing where empty.

Looks like after an update Elasticsearch crashed (again). :/

We’ll keep an eye on it.

Exotic Erotics restocked

A large deliveries from Exotic Erotics has arrived.
Due to the extra parcel transit times during this pandemic,
the next order has already been placed before this one arrived.

Stock status

6 of 114 Exotic Erotics models that are currently still not in stock.

old statistics

Looks the statistics we use to determine what to oders didn’t update for a few days.
The password expired and the script could not access the store API to fetch new data.
Luckily we didn’t place any large orders while this happened.

DHL update

We did a major update of the DHL shipping module in our shop software.
You can now select a DHL parcel station on a nice map
and we are prepared for the next major version of the shop software in a few month.
(We are waiting for a compatible version of a special, German plugin needed to display base prices per 1L/1Kg for bottles of lubricants. A feature required by law.)

Now we will have to wait for the first customer to create orders with the new module, to verify that (bulk) printing and our own extensions are still working as designed. We know that it still does work with orders that already exist.

Minor catalog outage

A software update of Elasticsearch has caused our shop listings to be empty as the service failed to restart after the update.
This has now been fixed and the shop is no longer empty.