Fixed email templates

The last update of our shop software broke the email templates.
Sorry that we didn’t notice this earlier.
This manifested in automatic emails e.g. about an order being shipped to be mostly empty.

Except for one thing, they should all work again and we also clarified the wording in many places.
The missing fix is that the label for a new status of the order is currently displayed in German even for English customers. This was fixed a long time ago but the way it was fixed (a specific function call in an email template) is no longer allowed (no more function calls. Only variable access.).

We did raise an issue in the GitHub repository of the shop software pointing out this regression bug and why it came up again.

new „deep down“ category

We updates the design of our „deep down“ categrory of dildos.

While you can already reach „by size“, „by species“ and 2by manufacturer“ directly from the start page, some people do click onto the fox first.
We now display the existing selections found in the 2 subcategories as tabs here instead of an outdated table view.
We hope this is more consistent now and easier to navigate.

More photos

After 3 days we have concluded our current run of making new product photos.
All the toys we could make photos of should have a proper, white background and size comparisons to common, other toys now.
If a toy has older photos that still how the current model and remain useful, we did keep them at the end of the carousel. Especially with handmade toys that are supposed to have a certain randomness in their coloration.

There are still a few toys with older photos that we would like to update but all of these are toys that are currently not in stock.

tons of photos

We just took the time to make a ton of additional product photos.
Mostly Exotic Erotics toys that did not have a perfectly white background before.
Naturally a lot of additional size comparisons where also made.
So you can see each toy next to a popular other toy in the same size class and similar species/spahe.
For toys that come in many sizes, of cause always also next to the larger and smaller variant of the same toy.


It is not possible to make photos of all combinations of toys.
So it is unlikely that you’ll find a size comparison with a specific toy you already have and know the size of.
However we do a number of things to help you:

  • We keep a number of reference toys that are not sold. So you can always find a size comparison with one of them and they in turn have a size comparison with a lot of other toys.
  • We do photo shoots in batches instead of individual toys. So a number of other toys are already cleaned and ready to act as a comparison.
  • If we can get our hands on damaged toys that still look good from at least one side, we try to add them to our collection of size reference toys

Wrong weight

Looks like the shop system had the wrong weight for the Tiny Fox Paw.
This caused shipping to be calculated not for a 100g item but for a 1Kg item.
Sorry…fixed now.

storage cleaned up

Over the years our shop software has create a dozens of unused copies of product images.
With a special script we just removed 21.5GB of unused images. Keeping 2.2GB of actually used ones.
If you notice any missing images, please tell us.
So far everything looks fine.

General improvements

A lot has happened with the YiffyToys shop. Most of it completely invisible.


Due to a bug in the shop software a LOT of redundant copies of product images have accumulated on the server. Balooning a few hundred megabyte of images into 20 gigabyte.
Fixing this has broken some images we used in categroes as examples for single sizes or single manufacturers. This has been fixed as soon as we noticed it


Every now and then people order an item with a quantity > 1.
Being a particularly seldom case in this business. this is easy to overlook during packaging.
We improved our printed invoices to not only contain the barcode of each item but also to highlight all quantities >1 to prevent such mistakes.

One Stop Shop

Because 2021 was a particularly bad year due to shipping delays and materia shortages,
January was the first month for us to work with the OSS VAT rules.
This means for European customers we charge each countrie’s VAT depending on the delivery address. (In the case of Northern Ireland, even depending on the zip code within the destination country. Thanks Brexit!) This also means that each month we need to split up our sales not only into VAT-free exports and EU-sales but into 27 different EU countries and non-EU exports. The invoicing and book keeping has already been prepared. New custom reports help us to get these numbers. More importantly. They help us to verify that the numbers we report are correct.
(The report for OSS happens quarterly but as local VAT is due monthly, we have to do this work every month anyway.)

Bumpy update

We had somewhat of a bumpy update to many components of the shop software.
Everything seems to be fine again but if you notice anything out of the ordinary,
please contact us. So we can look into it right away.
Thank you.