1% Paypal fee

Starting this month, Paypal charges significantly higher fees.
They have become significantly more expensive then processing credit cards (and of cause way more then SEPA payments).

We do struggle in this combination of inflation, shortages and exchange rates in freefall, just like everyone else. So we where forced (and luckily PSD II allows us to) charge a 1% fee for Paypal payments. This makes up for a fraction of what they charge to process each payment and retains balance with the already expensive credit card payments.

The fee is made clear in the very name when choosing the payment method and is clearly shown as a separate item in the overview.

FYI: The cheapest online payment method will always be the SEPA bank transfer as it’s only a few cent per transaction in banking fees but no payment processor takes a cut.

Math baby!

Obviously we can’t bring ALL THE TOYS to the Eurofurence dealers den.
So we already have a statistic that tells us what boxes of toys sell best, to make a selection based on how many boxes we can fit into our booth.

What we are currently doing is another statistic: What pairs of toys should swap boxes.
So that we don’t leave any well-selling toy behind just because a box of great products also contains one that is just collecting dust.

More details in invoice

We changed the VAT settings to display more details in our invoices and during checkout.
This should not change any prices displayed in the shop and it should only have an effect for customers in EU countries other then Germany.

What you may notice is that:

  • out of stock products are displayed again
  • the link to shipping cost next to the product price is fixed
  • a glitch with prices in 100ml not getting a 1l price displayed for a short time is fixed
  • you can now get notified when an out-of-stock product get in stock again
  • the accidentally enabled review-product feature is disabled again. (it caused massive spam issues in the past and we rather spend our time restocking the shop and counting inventroy then deleting spam)

New manufacturers page

We have added a better overview of the „deep down -> by manufacturer“ selection page.
It now features the logos of all manufacturers we offer and does not need us to manually update this page each time we add an additional one.

New box sizes

We just for en entire truckload of new shipping boxes delivered.

They are still 30% more expensive baut we couldn’t delay it much longer or risk running out of boxes too ship in.

new DHL rates

For international orders DHL now offers better prices for a new category of small parcels. So we did order boxes matching their limits.

While the smaller boxes are (counter Intuitively) more expensive, the postage will be cheaper for a few, select items.
The prices don’t work out for domestic shipping. Only for foreign destinations.

However since the shop calculated shipping cost by weight with no regard for dimensions, it will be a while until we find a good heuristic to offer these new shipping prices for very small items.


Sadly this new DHL offers doesn’t work for national shipping because international the limit is 10cm of thickness but national it’s only 5cm.

Fixed email templates

The last update of our shop software broke the email templates.
Sorry that we didn’t notice this earlier.
This manifested in automatic emails e.g. about an order being shipped to be mostly empty.

Except for one thing, they should all work again and we also clarified the wording in many places.
The missing fix is that the label for a new status of the order is currently displayed in German even for English customers. This was fixed a long time ago but the way it was fixed (a specific function call in an email template) is no longer allowed (no more function calls. Only variable access.).

We did raise an issue in the GitHub repository of the shop software pointing out this regression bug and why it came up again.

new „deep down“ category

We updates the design of our „deep down“ categrory of dildos.

While you can already reach „by size“, „by species“ and 2by manufacturer“ directly from the start page, some people do click onto the fox first.
We now display the existing selections found in the 2 subcategories as tabs here instead of an outdated table view.
We hope this is more consistent now and easier to navigate.

More photos

After 3 days we have concluded our current run of making new product photos.
All the toys we could make photos of should have a proper, white background and size comparisons to common, other toys now.
If a toy has older photos that still how the current model and remain useful, we did keep them at the end of the carousel. Especially with handmade toys that are supposed to have a certain randomness in their coloration.

There are still a few toys with older photos that we would like to update but all of these are toys that are currently not in stock.

tons of photos

We just took the time to make a ton of additional product photos.
Mostly Exotic Erotics toys that did not have a perfectly white background before.
Naturally a lot of additional size comparisons where also made.
So you can see each toy next to a popular other toy in the same size class and similar species/spahe.
For toys that come in many sizes, of cause always also next to the larger and smaller variant of the same toy.


It is not possible to make photos of all combinations of toys.
So it is unlikely that you’ll find a size comparison with a specific toy you already have and know the size of.
However we do a number of things to help you:

  • We keep a number of reference toys that are not sold. So you can always find a size comparison with one of them and they in turn have a size comparison with a lot of other toys.
  • We do photo shoots in batches instead of individual toys. So a number of other toys are already cleaned and ready to act as a comparison.
  • If we can get our hands on damaged toys that still look good from at least one side, we try to add them to our collection of size reference toys