Shop software updated

We have updated our shop software to a new version and undated to a newer version of PHP.

If you find anything not working as expected, please contact us!
We are busy testing all functions. So far everything seems fine.
The new version has been running on our internal test server for a week already.

Fixed a bug

Sorry for everyone who had the checkout page never finish loading.
We had this issue before but couldn’t find out what caused it.


It’s fixed and we have done serveral changes to make sure to find out very quickly,
if is or something similar ever happens again.

Long version

Due to now having a backup every time we do any change in the shop,
we think this happened every time we create a testshop to try out an update before applying it to the live shop.

Not only did we fix the result.
we added some tests to make sure we after every change we are informed if the issue was created
and we have an hourly check that send us an email whenever any critical log messages are created in the current day.

New attribute „build to order“

We are planning to add a number of additional products that can be build to order.
In preparation, we added a new attribute „build to order“ to filter only/none of the product that are manufactured to customer specifications instead of being instantly shipped from local stock.
In applying this new attribute we also edited the description of every custom made product to follow the same design and list the same details.

Updating credit card payments and shop system

We are updating the shop module used for credit card payments to a new major version.
The update has been tested in our test system and we don’t expect any visible changed.
However if anyone experiences any issues. Please contact us.
Aparently there are some legal changes that the credit card module now must display co-branded credit card logos in the EU.

We also updated the shop system itself to a new patch-level. It doesn’t contain any visible changes and all security patches have already been applied before anyway.

QR code for easier SEPA payments

Apart from credit cards and Paypal, you can always pay by SEPA money transfer.
In fact, for us this means there are no fees to pay.

In addition to the 1D barcodes we use ourself.
our invoices now include a 2D QR code that you can scan with your banking app to enter all the payment details without even having to do any copy&paste.

We couldn’t include it in the payment flow of the website yet.
Just the invoices.
But it’s a step forward.

Lots of new photos

Since we made new photos of the new Serpente Toy anyway,
we replaced photos of some older toys and made a ton of new size comparison photos.

We have new photos of:

and new size comparisons with

Cleaned up manufacturer logos

We cleaned up the manufacturer logos to have more similar sizes and changed the ordering for a visually pleasing view.
This is something we wanted to improve for a long time now.

More sort options

We updates the shop software to offer more option on how to sort the list of products.
So you have an easier time to find what you are looking for.
At the moment only „New Arrivals“ is added but after a while „Best Selling“ and „Most Viewed“ will also be offered.
These take a while to gather enough data.