How to package horse cock?

How to you package horse cock in style and safe the planet at the same time?

This is how:

For a short time wee are experimenting with wood shavings as packaging material. It’s actually a great material to package the very last of our mugs. (Yes, we don’t ONLY have dildos in the shop.)

not in stock

A few products where accidentally marked as „not in stock“.

The shop software mandates that the flag „in stock“ must be set independently from the count of how many are in stock, thus creating the possibility for human error.

We found this due to some new consistency-checks introduced into our in-house statistics.

The respective products „Hank (small)“, „Duke II“, „Eager Fox“, „Goliath“ and „Equine“ have been fixed.

Technical issues

We are experiencing some technical difficulties related to the recent upgrade to a new shop software.

Credit cards payment is currently offline. We hope to enable it again tomorrow. It simply didn’t work because because of a wrong license key.

Saved addresses of customers from Switzerland did not work because the Kanton is now a required field. We have manually added the correct Kanton to all their addresses.

One email tamplate had a glitch in the customer name. This is fixed.

We accidentally overwrote the Exotic Erotics Subwoofer. It has been restored but we need to add the meassurements again.

Server upgrades

As posted last weekend, we are planning to upgrade to a faster server.

The new server has now been ordered and it will take serveral days to set it up.

We will announce the planned date of the downtime to switch to the new hardware in time.

Primal Desires in stock again and server upgrades

A lot of toys made by Primal Desires ran out of stock lately.

We finally received a new delivery. It does include a new 4th toy. This one will be announced when we had the time to make proper photos, take meassurements and write the description.

We also got a delivery by FurryStyle. The Mini Unicorn is back in stock.

Another delivery by Exotic Erotics is currently waiting in customs.

Also on Saturday the 20th of October there will be some maintenance and credit card payments will be offline 22:00-23:00 CEST.

Some time in the next few month we’ll also move to a beefier server. We try to keep downtime to a minimum but expect to be out for 1-2 days. Probably a tuesday and and thursday.

„pickup at convention“

Over the years,

way too many people with English and German both not being their first language have chosen „Abholung auf Convention/pickup at convention“ and expected to receive a shipment. Not being fluent in English, they usually try to avoid writing an english email and thus take serveral weeks until they complain. At that point credit card payments can no longer be refunded without additional fees.

At it turns out, there seems to be a french shipping methods „something-something-convention“.

So we have clarified the name to „Abholung auf/Pickup on Furmeet/Convention“.

Sadly only a single name for all languages is possible.

Shop upgrade

We are currently in the process of a major upgrade of our shop software.

This will take at least another full day. It is something we prepared for nearly a year and involves serveral major steps.

When we do open again, it may be that Paypal will not work right away. Also some details in layout and automatic emails may still need attention.

DHL: Änderungen bei Wunschzeit am Oktober

Wir wurden gerade darüber informiert,

daß DHL den Dienst „Zustellung zur Wunschzeit“ ab dem 1. Oktober 2018

nur noch in Ballungsräumen anbieten will. (Diesen könnte ihr bei uns im

Bestellprozess auch wählen.) Als Ballungsgebiete zählt alles was heute

35 Millionen Einwohner oder mehr hat. Dort kann dann ein 2h Fenster

im Bereich von 10:00 bis 21:00 gewählt werden.

Wunschtag, Wunschort, Wunschfiliale und Wunschnachbar bleiben uneingeschränkt,

bundesweit verfügbar.