DHL delivery options fixed

During checkout an empty, orange box was shown where the DHL delivery options should have been. This was caused by a Javascript error in a DHL module and we have just installed the fixed version.

You can now select parcel stations, post offices and prefered delivery times again.


Paypal fixed

It looks like our Paypal integration suffered from an expired API certificate.
Sadly Paypal has changed their website so often, that their own documentation on how to renew it (that includes the scary step of deleting the old one and doesn’t mention that the „renew“ button only exists unless all but one old certificates are removed), is completely out of sync with how their website works nowadays.

Paypal should work again now.
If not, please contact us!

EF-Online VR Dealers Den

We just uploaded the texture to our Virtualfurence VR dealers den booth for Eurofurence Online.
The limitation is that no dealers den booth in VR is allowed to contain any adult imagery.
So it ended up mainly as a wall of boxes with the most prominent manufacturer logos.
We tried showing all logos but they ende up too small.

VR Limitations

Given the limitation of how many characters can be in a room at one time, we will probably not be present at our stand. Just like all the other dealers.
If everyone did, there would simply not be any slots left for actual customers to enter the same room.

Exotic Erotics restocked

A delivery by Exotic Erotics just arrived.

Stock status

All but 3 of 120 Exotic Erotics models are currently still in stock.

Custom toys

We do offer custom toys this week to be included in the next order.

Foxy Rabbit restocked

The delayed delivery by  Foxy Rabbit has arrived.

2 toys are still out of stock due to the delays in these getting here.
We still have to decide on doing a small order with high shipping cost right away or to wait two weeks and make a slightly larger order.
There is also a new toy but we need to make photos and take meassurements first.

Zetacreations restocked

The announced delivery of Dildos by Zetacreations (English / German) arrived.

The new stock is already available in our shop.
However 2 of 59 toys are still out of stock but are already ordered and being manufactured for us.

We are still thinking about allowing custom orders for Zetacreations as the delivery times have improved.

Returned from furmeet. Lots of deliveries.

Finally furmeets again

As can be seen ihn our event-calendar (for personal pickup of orders),
we have just returned from a 4 day furmeet and will resume normal operations tomorrow.


There are a total of 3 large deliveries waiting for us in customs and we’ll try to pick them all up tomorrow.
Exotic Erotics (waiting for the pdf invoice but that will likely arrive in time),
Zetacreations and
Twin Tails.

Material shortage

Some European manufacturers are suffering from material shortages and are struggling to finish deliveries or have closed down new orders for the time being. The US manufacturers we import don’t seem to be affected yet.

YiffyToys financial situation

We also managed to pay our import fees for an Exotic Erotics delivery that was accidentally delivered to us without and customs a few weeks ago. (Have to keep our books clean after all.)

Financially the shop is struggling quite a lot. Not only with so many deliveries to be paid for and no physical Eurofurence Dealers Den again this year but also a lack of new toy models during the entire pandemic. But hopefully arriving toys also mean arriving orders and the current red figures should shrink a bit before the monthly expenses hit us.
There are plenty of reserves to survive this low for a long time but it’s nothing we like to see happening in the first place.

Stuck at the DHL airport?

Looks like we have 2 delivery from FoxyRabbit and Zetacreations,
both not having left the local DHL freight airport in serveral days.
Hopefully both will arrive in customs (and the customs notification get here) before WE leave for the first multi-day, in-person furmeet of the year.

Speaking of furmeets, we are currently preparing our booth for the After-Dark section of the Eurofurence Online II dealers den.
Being made slightly complicated by the VR dealers den not allowing any kind of adult content to be visible in the graphics.

Tale of the dual stripe

After a mandatory security update, an older and already disabled Stripe payment module seems to have been enabled again for a few days.
This ment that Strips existed twice in the list and that the payment option SOFORT was enabled.
A few customers made use of that but their bank payments where declined or cancelled and we had to cancel the order. That’s actually the reason why SOFORT is disabled. It has no advantage over a regular bank transfer because underneeth it is a regular SEPA transfer. We still have to wait for the money to actually arrive (due to the way Stripe handles them) but we also have to pay fees to strips that are higher then the fees of our bank when you transfer the money directly to us instead of transfering them to Stripe and they transfering them to us.