New Horny Ram Toy – the Grozzoroth

The Grozzoroth

Grozzoroth is our Wyvern character, and thus, he is large, very large, in more ways that one. Grozzoroth is an easily angered, horny beast and to show for it, he possesses a hefty unit to match his personality. Starting with a big, tapered head, Grozzoroth transitions to a series of ridges and bumps down his thick shaft, culminating in a large, rather intimidating looking knot. Can you tame Grozzoroth? He dares you to try.

After a long time of only having a single toy, we now got the second toy made by Horny Ram.
As told, the Grozzoroth is a Wyvern (for the advanced search by „species“, we did add it to the Dragons) and as you can see below, the size and shape do stack up nicely against some of our size-comparison toys.

Bovivet cheaper

We are lowering the price for the (already cheap) Bovivet lubricant from 9.68€/l to 8€/l permanently.
The strange old price has not been changed since the German sales tax was increased from 16% to 19%. That was a LONG time ago.

Note that this is a lubricant and thus we sell it for lube-play on latex, where lots of lube is needed. 😉

Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den confirmed

Good news everyone.

We just got our tables in the Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den confirmed this weekend. The Dealers Den and also the After Dark Dealers Den will be considerably larger then last year and the After Dark portion will be easier to get to. Hopefully avoiding the long queues through the corridors and even the main lobby that we experienced last year.

We are also investigating the option of arriving with a larger truck and no trailer, dramatically cutting down on our travel time. We have already upgraded our motorized equipment to move around heavy stacks of wares to cut down on the time and effort to load and unload for the Dealers Den.

Again, there will be no YiffyToys Room Party this year as we have quite a large table in the AD Dealers Den.

The seating plan is not to be shared yet. So we will keep you informed in the month to come.


Every now and then we get reports that our emails are delivered to a user’s
spam folder. We do have an SPF record stating what servers are allowed
to send email from -addresses but for many large email
providers that is not enough. Particularly Google and Microsoft are increasingly
picky. Being an adult oriented business doesn’t seem to help as many filters
see that alone as a negative criteria.
Last time we checked this was not possible with our MTA (email server).
But now there is a new filter plugin and we have been able to finally add
DKIM signatures to our emails.
This SHOULD improve the situation from now on. The signatures clearly
verify that our emails are from us and nobody else but us.

Sadly there is not terribly much more we can do to help here.

FurryStyle restocked

It’s a rather rare occurence for any toys made by FurryStyle to run out of stock but during the holidays this actually happened.

Except for the Rover, everything is back in Stock.

There are also plans to restart production of the Rover. However we can’t say if or when this may happen. It required too much manual work to make and some of the molds had to be streched very far and thus didn’t last long.

KnotMe restocked

Good news everyone.
The delivery by KnotMe that had to be delayed due to the holidays has just arrived.
ALL KnotMe toys in the shop are back in stock.

These where already listed on
While adding them also to we found that we completely forgot to remove the note about our Eurofurence Room Party from when these where originally introduced.
(We only see the German text by default and have to actively switch to english. While adjusting stock levels or replacing photos there is usually no point in doing so. Especially as it takes a complete rebuilding of the product page in the browser.)

We’re back

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We have returned from the holidays and are already preparing all the shipments that have accumulated during the yearly vacation.
(And also a metric ton of yearly paperwork.)