Eurofurence 2016 Room Party

The Party

Like last year and the year before,
we have rented a suite in the Estrel hotel again.
There we will host a room party.

Suite: -will be announced on the early-arrival day-
Thursday starting 20:00 – open end
Friday      starting 20:00 – open end
Suite:       10410

We’ll announce the the room number:

What to expect

There will be free (non alcoholic) refreshments. Some music. A comfortable environment. A bouncer at the door, making sure it’s not overcrowded.
…and, being a sex toy shop, you can look at, touch (in sealed packaging) and buy nearly everything we sell.
Dildos in all shapes and sizes, lubricants, bondage equipment, condoms, masturbators, ….

Picking up Orders

Again you can order in the YiffyToys shop and select „pick up at convention“ for free.
Then pick up your order during our party.
If you already know what you want to buy, you are strongly advised to order in advance, using the online shop!
Custom made products will only be accepted for pick up until two weeks before the convention and only on a case by case basis.

Exclusive new toys

Every year we have a few toys that you can see for the very first time during our room party.
This time it’s even better! A large selection of new toys and an entire new manufacturer!

KnotMe“, an entirely new manufacturer
6 new toys in great colors

  • Buck
  • Clyde
  • Dragon
  • Buddy
  • Space Cat (S)
  • Space Cat (M)

The new GLC „Peter“
New live cast horse dildo
Made in Germany

New Zetacreations Models!

  • Dragon
  • Groll
  • Knotty Teacher
  • Double Dip
  • Medium Keeper
  • Small Kepper 

The new Furoticon „Climax“ series.
Continuing the „Tribes“ theme
and giving the high school theme a grand finale.

We even prototypes of new FurryStyle toys on display.
You can’t buy or see these anywhere for a few more weeks.


  • Please don’t arrive exactly at 20:00 but at any random time after because everyone else will do the same. These partys go on for a long time. There is absolutely no need to arrive right at the start. In fact, it’s much more enjoyable after the crowd has thinned.
  • if you ask for a toy to have a look at it, don’t hand it to anyone behind you. This quickly escalates and we can’t afford expensive toys to „get lost“. 
  • no alcohol and no intoxicated guests
  • a bouncer at the door may tell you to return later, if the suite is already crowded
  • sorry, no sex or nudity at the party. Not because we don’t like it but because it does tend to make other guest uncomfortable, who just want to look at or buy something.
  • don’t open the packaging of any toys in the suite.
  • no photos

Zeta unterwegs

Nach Exotic Erotics hat sich jetzt auch von Zetacreations eine neue Lieferung auf den Weg zu uns gemacht.
Sie enthält auch einige neue Modelle!
Ihr dürft also gespannt sein.

Wir erwarten die Lieferung in den nächsten 10 Werktagen hier im Lager.
…rechtzeitig zur Eurofurence.

Das Emu Ei

Mit der neuen Lieferung von Exotic Erotics heute,
ist auch ein ganz neues Produkt dazu gekommen:

Als der zweitgrößte Vogel, legt das Emu auch entsprechend große Eier.
10x so groß wie ein Hühner-Ei und mit einer einzigartigen Farbe, die sich nur ansatzweise in Photos festhalten läßt.

Das Toy hat 10cm Durchmesser und 30cm Umfang und füllt damit wirklich jeden gut aus.
Es ist mit einer, sicher verankerten, Rückhop-Schlaufe auf Silikon versehen.
Hier ein Größenvergleich: