new: Large Hank

With the last delivery by Sidewinder Creations we have completed our Hank lineup.
We now have the Small, Regular and Large Hank directly in stock with no need to ask for the regularly offered option of ordering a custom variation.

We’ve also updated the description to the new page-builder system offered by our shop software, so you can navigate directly to the 3 sizes.

New delivery by Exotic Erotics on it’s way

A new delivery of Dildos by Exotic Erotics (English / German) is on it’s way.
(While the last delivery is still in customs.)

We expect it to arrive in 10 business days (including customs). The USPS delays seem to be over. Then we just have to count, label and sort it for the new stock to be available in our shop (English Shop / German Shop). When that happend, we’ll report here again.
If you want to track this delivery, you can do so here, if you are eagerly awaiting some toy to be in stock again.

Custom Dildos:
For a few days now, it will be possible to order custom variation again. Just contact us via email, stating all the details like colour and firmnes. Then we’ll provide you with a custom product that can be ordered exactly 1 time via the regular ordering process. The only  difference is that it obviously takes longer to ship and we require it to be fully payed right away. Also for custom made products there is no 14 day return period.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

Zetacreations restocked and new colour

The announced delivery of Dildos by Zetacreations (English / German) arrived.

The new stock is already available in our shop.
However 2 of 60 toys are still out of stock.
Euro Akita and Euro Ruff’s Stuff.
(„Euro“ being the designation Zeta chooses for smooth surfaces in their toys.)
We will place a new order soon.

New Colour for Raptor

We now have the Zetacreations „Raptor“ not only in Black but also in Natural coloring.
However we still need to make photos of it.


We are still thinking about allowing custom orders for Zetacreations as the delivery times have improved.

Oskar the Horse fixed

We seem to have accidentally marked „Oskar the Horse – Natural“ by Zetacreations as „out of stock“ some time in the past. In fact we still had 2 of them in stock. But this way nobody could order them.
We just fixed that. Sorry.

Other fixes

Also some Zetacreations toys where not correctly flagged as having a suction cup.
So they would not be found when using the advanced search in the shop to search by detailed size (e.g. knot diameter), species, colour and toy features.


While at it, we are also updating their descriptions from the old „HTML in text field“ to the new WYSIWYG „Page Editor“ our shop system now offers.