New: Cody Large

After the Cody and Cody Mini, we have added the Cody Large to our regular lineup of stocked toys for immediate delivery.
With 1.3Kg of silicone and a height of 32cm it’s not a small toy by any means. But it has been requested a few times as a custom order.

NEW: Jackson (deluxe)

Because this combination has been requested as a custom made toy multiple times,
we have added a „Jackson Deluxe“ version for of the huge „Jackson“ life cast horse toy.
Apart from the colour schema, the deluxe version also features a softer tip while retaining the medium firmness for the shaft itself and it comes with a huge suction cup to keep it in place.

Below you can see it’s size compared to the „Henry“ that (being even more substantial) is prices in-between the regular and the Deluxe Jackson.

Bad Wolf V2 – Small

With the last delivery by Bad Wolf,
the „Bad Wolf – Small“ cock sleve has also been replaced with the new version 2 variant.

We updated the photos of regular (16cm) and small (14cm) version in the shop.
Photos in search results may take a while to update in the cache.