New Horse Pony

The wearable horse toys by Bad Wolf are getting a makeover.
We are adding the new „Horse Pony“ in 3 different sizes:

It comes in 3 sizes:
Small is 19cm in length and a 16cm maximum circumfence for a 13cm penis.
Medium is 21cm and a 17cm maximum circumfence in length for a 16cm penis.
Large is 23.5cm and an 18cm maximum circumfence in length for a 19cm penis.
The maximum diamter is about 6cm.
(Diameter and circumfence meassured with an empty toy.)

New FurryStyle Toy: The Avali (Update)

In the Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den,
we’ll present a new toy by FurryStyle:

(Avali race created by RyuujinZERO)

Whilte you can buy the Mini Avali and Tiny Avali right away, the regular sized Avali will only be shown as a prototype.
We will have a number of custom colored Avali to show and sell these on Satuday.
The default, black Avali will be on sale on all days.

Update: We’re sorry

We made a mistake. It seems we accidentally left the one Box that contains the new Avali at home.
We will only have 2 Black Mini Avali for sale and a number of colored samples.
Also missing are:
Sergal Muzzle
Tiny Tiger
Mini Fox Paw

Andaro the Adventurer (S)

With the latest delivery by Neotori, we have added a smaller version of the Andaro to our lineup. Sadly the delivery was incomplete, so we have very fee of these and the medium sized Andaro is already out of stock. But more will be on their way soon.

New Manufacturer: Neotori

We have added another new manufacturer to our lineup.
Neotory Toys. The quality and packaging have convinced us to start out with a canine toy, an equine, a muzzle and an interesting shaped fantasy toy right away.

Note that Neotori has a rather soft 0 Shore(A) as their default and we did go with that for „Mundir the Wolf“ and „Andaro the Adventurer“ (the shown equine).
„Theotolax the Freelancer“ instead is in the more usual 8 Shore(A) that most manufacturer specify as a „medium firmness“.
„Lina the Motivator“ as a muzzle is of cause soft anway.

All toys come in a cloth bag with detailed care instructions and a certificate of who poured the toy and when.