A Very special Easter Egg

Many of you liked the Dragon Egg by Bad Wolf but mentioned that you would like a larger one.
So in time for Easter, here it is:

The Dragon Egg (Large)

The Dragon Egg (Large) is is a hunk made from half a kilogramm of the finest silicone with a usable length increased to 14cm and a hunking 24.5cm or 9.6″ in diameter.

New FurryStyle Unicorn in regular size

(Text copied from the mail on the FurryStyle product announcement mailing list, where it was announced 2 days in advance.)

Last year FurryStyle introduced the Tiny Unicorn and the Mini Unicorn at Eurofurence.
But if there’s a tiny and a mini variant,  you may have wondered, where the normal „Unicorn“ without any of these additions is.

… well, FurryStyle had to work on it for a while. Yes, there were also some setbacks, due to the distinctive wrinkles.

The result is a unicorn stallion in a pleasant and not exaggerated size with a silky surface, on which the important lubricant holds particularly well.

The length as a regular toy is 24cm of which 22cm are usable.

The diameter after the 5cm Flare rises up to 4.5cm. The corresponding circumferences are 16cm and 15cm.

For comparison: 17cm are available on the Mini Unicorn and 14cm on the Tiny Unicorn.

The price of 56eur corresponds to the other FurryStyle toys of this size like the Foxcoon or Duke II.

New manufacturer: Horny Ram

We are proud to present a new manufacturer in our lineup of toys:

Horny Ram

As a manufacturer they are quite new and there is only a single toy to start out with. Of cause this will be expanded over time. In fact, we actually planned for two toys but the mold of the second one broke and it had to be postponed.

The toy is: Ekino the Ram

The Ekinio (Medium)

Obviously it is an adult elk and adds more variety to the deers and the many, many horses.
Of the 26cm of length, 13cm are usable. Making this a regular sized toy in the very loosely defined „equines“ category in our new category system.

3 new toys by Twin Tails

We already announce 2 of them on our Twitter account but didn’t post here yet. Simply because we had to re-shoot all the product photos of the 3rd toy and didn’t want to publish an incomplete posting.

So… we added new toys to our shop. They are in stock already. and the front page shows them as „new products“ for a few weeks.
Photos are made. Including side-by-side size comparisons with the usual toys we keep around for just that reason and whatever toys we had at hand.
Descriptions are… well… it’s hard to come up with something original and translations of cheesy texts from the manufacturer with lots of play-of-words are hard. But you are here for the toys and not to read a novel, are you?

Mocha the Dragon (Mini

Mocha the Dragon (Mini)

This is a smaller version of the „Mocha the Dragon (Small)“. You liked the small one quite a lot, so we added an additional size to choose from. As with all toys we have in multiple sizes, we don’t give them the same colours. Both, so you have a choice and so we can easily tell them apart when things get busy. (You don’t want to accidentally get the wrong size delivered, do you?)

Mantis the Drone (Small)

Mantis the Drone (small)

Now this one has just incredible colours. The photos hardly do it’s base justice.

Dante the Anubite (Medium)

Dante the Anubite (Medium)

Okay, it’s a canine. We have lots of these already in all kinds of sizes. This one is very well modelled and made. The surface texture is very nice and it has enough features to make it interesting.
With so many toys in „Small“ and „Mini“ size, we added this one „Medium“ sized.
We think there are a lot of toys for size queens out there and not enough enjoyable sizes. For people who don’t make it a competition or sport (sometimes an extreme sport). That’s why we rather concentrate on medium and slightly smaller toys. But of cause we want to give people a choice, so this one is one step larger.

Feedback (please)

Since we do stock all the toys in the shop for immediate shipment, it’s obviously impossible to have every size and every variation. While we do offer to order along your custom variations with most of our bulk orders, choices have to be made.
The issue with choices is: We don’t get much feedback what toys, sizes, colours, textures (polished, silky, highly detailed?), features (suction cup? XRector System?) you would like to see in our shop. What things are actually not important to you (any colour will do? Never used the suction cup?). So we have to do a lot of educated guessing based on what people buy, what custom toys get ordered and what feedback we get in person when we are in the Dealers Den of conventions.
So if you have any suggestions, approvals, feedback on toys you already have, please, please contact us (best by email because then we have an individual subject line instead of just „message from the conact form“)

New: Wolf Cum big bottle and smaller Horse wearable

First things first:

Wolf Cum 200ml and Wolf Lube 150ml are back in stock!

Not only that. We are now also offering Wolf Cum in a large 1000ml bottle (German Shop/English Shop).

Any in related news: We are now offering a tighter size (English Shop/German Shop) for the „Hack Horse – Pony“ wearable.

While the original one has a strechable 16cm hole, the new version (in black and without cum effect, to tell them apart) has the same size on the outside but a tighter 14cm strechable hole.

Discontinuing some Twin Tails toys

Earlier this year, we announced Twin Tails as a new manufacturer in our lineup.

Sadly they informed us that two of the most thought-after toys are now discontinued because they can not be produced in the quantities people desire.

The Snowbird and the Wooly Mammoth will no longer be produced.

They may reapear at a later time with completely new molds but then again they may not.