New large Bernard by Exotic Erotics

Apart from the 4 new Twin Tails toys, we are also adding a new size for the popular Bernard made by Exotic Erotics.

As you can see, the large Bernard is not that much of a step up from the regular size but when you take it, it does make quite a difference.
Regular: 25cm (10″) of usable length and 22cm (8.7″) of knot circumfence.
Large: 29 (11.4″) of usable length and 26,5cm (10.4″) of knot circumfence.


If you do like a smaller one, we can recommend
the modelled Dog Bernaryn Fat from Bad Wolf (length: 16cm (6.3″) knot: 19cm (7.5″))
the life cast Murray by Exotic Erotics (length: 20cm (8″) knot: 20,6cm (8.1″)) or
the life cast Bartlebee by Exotic Erotics (length: 23cm (9″) knot: 18cm (7″))

You can also use our advanced search or our manufacturer-independend size categories .
(sadly no advanced search for size ranges, sorry. This is a limitation of the sh

*Four* new toys by Twin Tails

With the last delivery by Twin Tails, we also got 4 new toys for our lineup.
(We waited a few days because there where so many other new toys and our „New Products“ section on the YiffyToys shop front page can only handle 4 at a time.)

Jake the Stout Werewolf – Knotplug (Small)

Jake is Stout Werewolf with 13cm (5.1″) usable length but a knot circumfence of 16.5cm (6,5″) unusual for such a short toy. Ideal if you don’t like depth.

Zane the Felkin (Small)

As usual with Twin Tails, the colours are just amazing. Still a small toy, Zane the Felkin (Small) has 15cm(5.9″) of usable length and knot of 17.1cm (6.7″) circumfence.

Atlas (Small and Medium)

The Atlas comes in 2 sizes.
Atlas the Unicorn (Medium) is 750g with 23cm(9″) of usable length in the „Nightfall – Signature“ coloring of this toy. It is close to the upper end (26cm) of our „regular“, manufacturer-independent size class.

Atlas the Unicorn (Small) comes in the alternative „Night Sky Blue“ coloring with 17,1cm (6.7″) of usable length at the very bottom of the „regular“ size class.

New Draggy toy by FlurbMe

The Draggy

With the latest delivery of FlurbMe toys, we added a new toy.
The Draggy.
With a weight of 2.7Kg of silicone it may be light for a Dragon but still no small beast.
Much like the Hera, it offers 2 usable openings. They are 2.0cm wide but will strech quite a bit and are 29cm deep.

Mistake fixed – FurryStyle toy: FOX PAW

We are currently performing our yearly post-Eurofurence inventory counting.
While doing that we noticed a grave mistake.
All 3 variants of the FurryStyle FOW PAW have only been visible by search and not in the catalogue. Aparently this was the case since their premiere in March.

As everyone on the FurryStyle announcements mailing list already knows,
FurryStyle has released some new toys.

From the announcement:

These cuties have been carefully designed with a smooth, satin finish and leathery paw pads.
They are ment to be enjoyable for gentle stroking and massaging as well as internal use.
Depite their unusual shape, the claws and curves are crafted to make them into a usable and easy to clean toy for the later.
These cute, little paws willbe available in all 3 sizes with the standadized size categories and prices you have come to expect of FurryStyle.

You can find them in the YiffyToys shop already. We have also added photos with size comparisons for a few other toys

Tiny Fox Paw (15cm for 25.50€)

Mini Fox Paw (17cm for 36€)

There are some production issues.
So the (regular Fox Paw (23.5cm for 56€) will be available shortly.
We will write a short blog posting when these become available.

The virus situation

Despite the current situation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the YiffyToys shop is still open and your orders are being shipped.
Especially within Germany there are no issues with DHL or regular Hermes parcels. However if you want your parcel delivered via Hermes Shop2Shop, please make sure that the chosen destination is actually open for business.
There are some limitations imposed by DHL for regions of the world that are completely locked down and DHL added an additional +16€ for all shipments to the United States.

More photos

The sizes do follow the standard sizes FurryStyle has for all their current products.