The Rover is back – 3rd generation canine with Bacculum

If you are on the Announcement mailing list or a Mastodon follower of FurryStyle,
then you already know about this toy ahead of time.

After years of work, we are proud to say that the Rover is finally back again.


The original Rover toy was made a long, long time ago in a land far away.
Actually it was made in the USA before FurryStyle moved to Germany.

In 2013, 18 month after the move, we had the Rover V2.
However after a few years it had to be discontinued because it was difficult to make and the molds would not last for a long time before needing replacement.
Here we have a comparison of the new Rover Jr and the old (full size) Rover V2.


The new Rover has a new Bacculum that it itself made from a very stiff silicone.
This allowed the shaft and knot to be made of a much softer material.
The know is still prominent to feel and keeps the toy from bending over on insertion.
It is however considerably softer then the old Rover.

The toy is no longer made from two parts and thus no longer has the unsightly seam where both parts meet. It is one solid block of silicone.

The ball used to be smooth. With the new Rover FurryStyle applied the satin-like texture already present e.g. very prominent on the Avali to the balls and base only.
Shaft and knot are kept smooth and polished.


As the name suggests, there will be a regular sized version of this toy.
We hope that this will happen in time for Eurofurence.
If you want to follow the development of new toys, feel free to follow the FurryStyle Mastodon account.