New FurryStyle Unicorn in regular size

(Text copied from the mail on the FurryStyle product announcement mailing list, where it was announced 2 days in advance.)

Last year FurryStyle introduced the Tiny Unicorn and the Mini Unicorn at Eurofurence.
But if there’s a tiny and a mini variant,  you may have wondered, where the normal „Unicorn“ without any of these additions is.

… well, FurryStyle had to work on it for a while. Yes, there were also some setbacks, due to the distinctive wrinkles.

The result is a unicorn stallion in a pleasant and not exaggerated size with a silky surface, on which the important lubricant holds particularly well.

The length as a regular toy is 24cm of which 22cm are usable.

The diameter after the 5cm Flare rises up to 4.5cm. The corresponding circumferences are 16cm and 15cm.

For comparison: 17cm are available on the Mini Unicorn and 14cm on the Tiny Unicorn.

The price of 56eur corresponds to the other FurryStyle toys of this size like the Foxcoon or Duke II.

New FurryStyle Toys: Tiny Unicorn, Mini Unicorn and Tiny Foxcoon V2

As everyone on the FurryStyle announcements mailing list already knows,

FurryStyle has not released any new toys in a while because they have moved into a much larger workshop and improved all their machinery, processes and that dreaded paperwork we are all doomed to do.

Now they are back.

During our two YiffyToys Room Parties at Eurofurence and on our table in the experimental After Dark Dealers Den  you can exclusively see these toys for the first time for real.

Online sales will begin shortly after Eurofurence. Once we had time to do a proper counting. Until then they will be marked as „out of stock“ for technical reasons.

Despite it’s name, like all „Tiny“ series toys by FurryStyle the Tiny Unicorn is actually a very enjoyable size for people who either are not using dildos often or haven’t done so in a while.

Slightly larger but still enjoyable without any „training“ is the Mini Unicorn. The name again from an entire range of FurryStyle toys in this size.

Last the Tiny Foxcoon and the Tiny Foxcoon Easygrip are two extremely popular toys. After many years FurryStyle has decided to upgrade them to the new Tiny Foxcoon V2. The base has a more clean edge compared to the Tiny Foxcoon Easygrip yet retains it’s improved handling. While the former surfaces where highly polished, the V2 has a more satin finish for the simple reason, that it works better with lubricants.