Duke II sale

Until the end of the month,
we are having a sale on the stock Duke II and Duke II ejaculating toy, made by FurryStyle.
The Duke II ejaculating is 75€ instead of 92€ and
the Duke II is 45€ instead of 56€.

This does not apply to ordering a Duke II to be custom made.

Black Friday

You can find reduced prices all over the YiffyToys shop!
All overseas manufacturers as well as GLC and FurryStyle.
Some prices have also been permanently lowered.
For some we can just delay to sadly raise them a little longer.

  • Elypse Art
  • Exotic Erotics
  • FoxyRabbit
  • FurryStyle
  • GLC
  • Horny Ram
  • Twin Tails
  • Zetacreations

Exchange rates

We usually don’t do this but the stabilizing Exchange rates gave us a bit of room to breath here.
Granted, it’s not much.

Price increase for FurryStyle Muzzles

Due to increased material prices FurryStyle is slightly increasing the prices for it’s muzzles.
Their affordable, regular toys stay at their current prices for the moment but may have to receivea slight increase if this trend continues.

New FurryStyle Toy: The Avali (Update)

In the Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den,
we’ll present a new toy by FurryStyle:

(Avali race created by RyuujinZERO)

Whilte you can buy the Mini Avali and Tiny Avali right away, the regular sized Avali will only be shown as a prototype.
We will have a number of custom colored Avali to show and sell these on Satuday.
The default, black Avali will be on sale on all days.

Update: We’re sorry

We made a mistake. It seems we accidentally left the one Box that contains the new Avali at home.
We will only have 2 Black Mini Avali for sale and a number of colored samples.
Also missing are:
Sergal Muzzle
Tiny Tiger
Mini Fox Paw

Testing new product descriptions

The new version of our shop software has a page builder for the product descriptions.
It has way more possibilities then the static HTML descriptions we use now.
As a first toy we are testing it’s abilities by having the „Kira – the dog pussy“ list all variants we have in stock dynamically.

The same can probably be done for multiple sizes of e.g. the Foxcoon. Or link between the standard in-stock variant and the customizable variant of a FurryStyle toy.

Mistake fixed – FurryStyle toy: FOX PAW

We are currently performing our yearly post-Eurofurence inventory counting.
While doing that we noticed a grave mistake.
All 3 variants of the FurryStyle FOW PAW have only been visible by search and not in the catalogue. Aparently this was the case since their premiere in March.

As everyone on the FurryStyle announcements mailing list already knows,
FurryStyle has released some new toys.

From the announcement:

These cuties have been carefully designed with a smooth, satin finish and leathery paw pads.
They are ment to be enjoyable for gentle stroking and massaging as well as internal use.
Depite their unusual shape, the claws and curves are crafted to make them into a usable and easy to clean toy for the later.
These cute, little paws willbe available in all 3 sizes with the standadized size categories and prices you have come to expect of FurryStyle.

You can find them in the YiffyToys shop already. We have also added photos with size comparisons for a few other toys

Tiny Fox Paw (15cm for 25.50€)

Mini Fox Paw (17cm for 36€)

There are some production issues.
So the (regular Fox Paw (23.5cm for 56€) will be available shortly.
We will write a short blog posting when these become available.

The virus situation

Despite the current situation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the YiffyToys shop is still open and your orders are being shipped.
Especially within Germany there are no issues with DHL or regular Hermes parcels. However if you want your parcel delivered via Hermes Shop2Shop, please make sure that the chosen destination is actually open for business.
There are some limitations imposed by DHL for regions of the world that are completely locked down and DHL added an additional +16€ for all shipments to the United States.

More photos

The sizes do follow the standard sizes FurryStyle has for all their current products.

Storm – no shipping today

There will be no shipping today because of a severe storm warning.
No big deal. Since we shipped yesterday.

There is also a strong heat-wave since serveral days that is slowing down the production at FurryStyle.

Nothing we can do about the weather.

After vacation: Huge deliveries by Exotic Erotics and Bad Wolf

We have been away for a few days and have just returned.
All waiting orders have been shipped.
Things are back to normal now.

EE Delivery

There was a huge delivery of Exotic Erotics toys.
Since US deliveries are heavily delayed due to the low number of flights,
lots of toys are still out of stock (despite having plenty of supply when we placed this order 2 month ago).

We have already placed our next order (even larger then the last one) to take care of that situation.

Bad Wolf Delivery

We also just received a lot of Wolf Cum Lube and Bad Wolf toys.
The 250ml version has a new bottle and we’ll update our photos during the weekend.

Here we will place a new order tomorrow.

Expecting Twin Tails

There is also a delivery by Twin Tails, that has already arrived in Germany. However we haven’t received it yet.

FurryStyle delays

There has been a rush on custom toys by FurryStyle.
This is currently resulting in a delay of a few days in refilling our „shelves“.