Lots of new photos

Since we made new photos of the new Serpente Toy anyway,
we replaced photos of some older toys and made a ton of new size comparison photos.

We have new photos of:

and new size comparisons with

New missing FurryStyle Toy: The regular sized Avali

Last year in the Eurofurence 26 After Dark Dealers Den, we presented the Mini and Tiny Avali but only showed the regular sized one as a prototype.

(regular sized)

History and delays

The prototype was smaller then FurryStyle envisioned, yet already at the very edge of what the current tools could make and had a visible seam. After a long process of trying different methods, FurryStyle ended up with this new Avali.


As said, it is larger. No compromise in the desired size had to be made anymore.
It also has a velvet surface finish that lets lubricant better stick to it then the mirror finish of the Tiny Avali (where such a property is less important).
While the default colour of most other FurryStyle toys is a neutral black with custom colours and firmnesses offered as desired, this one will have a salmon and grey default colour schema.


We will bring some of these new Avali to the Eurofurence 27 Dealers Den next week.
There will also be flops and prototypes for sale in the huge Bargain Bin.
Given the long waiting time, you can already order the new Avali either to pick it up in the Dealers Den or to have it shipped.
Subscribers to the FurryStyle Mailing List have already received the announcement and can order the new toy.
Note that in case we should run low on toys, we reserve the right choose to delay orders to be shipped until after Eurofurence. This is to make sure we have plenty of them at the table in Hamburg.

(Avali race created by RyuujinZERO)

Eurofurence 27

This blog posting will be updated to reflect the latest information.

Preorder your toys (Also the ones to look at)

Like every year, we can only bring a selection of all the 300+ toys in our inventory.

If you want to see a specific toy in person, please inform us.
This way we can make sure to bring it

If you want to buy a specific toy and pick it up without shipping cost,
please order in advance using the shipping method „pick up at convention“.

Otherwise we can not guarantee that we have packed it and that nobody else buys the last one before you get your chance.

  • Please use an email address that actually exists.
  • If you did not select „Germany“ then the price may be slightly off because 19% German VAT applies instead of the VAT-rate of your country.
  • If you want to pay on-site, please select to have it pre-payed by bank transaction and just don’t send any money. An invalid credit card or Paypal address would cancel the order.

After Dark Dealers Den

Like last year, you can find us in the After Dark – Dealers Den, which will be a sectioned off area in the top, left corner of the Dealers Den.

New toys and Previews

The (regular sized) Avali by FurryStyle.

Bargain Bin

Of cause there will be a bargain bin again.
In addition to flops (toys with minor defects) and one-offs (toys made in a wrong colour, firmness or duplicates) by FurryStyle, we will also feature a lot of one-offs by Sidewinder Creations and Bad Wolf this year.

Due to having so many toys for the Bargain Bin,
we will do a daily changing Bargain Bin.
Every day there will be a different Bargain Bin with different, discounted toys on the table.


TL:DR – there is a LOT of work going into such a tiny Dealers Den table on the other side of the country.

There are a lot of tasks to juggle but luckily this isn’t the first time.
So we have divided them up into things that need doing a month before, to weeks before and one week before the convention.
As always reality has a different idea and things to get delayed. Especially things being shipped too late to actually arrive on the day we communicated very early.

✅ = done
⚠️ = not yet done
🚨 = there is a problem

  • ✅ Dealers Den booth is done (flame retardant fabric, printed table cloth, …)
  • ✅ trailer rental, motels along the 2-day route to and from Hamburg, parking, unloading, loading, con-hotel, car service and new tires have been done
    • ⚠️ most additional cargo we take on for the Eurofurence stage events is ready for loading
    • 🚨 something came up and we must take an additional day to pick up cargo for the EF stage in 2 additional cities along the route
  • ✅ FurryStyle and GLC are fully stocked.
    • ✅ reordered all their toys in storage to bring the most demanded toys and for all boxes we bring to be full
  • ✅ new toy announcements have been posted
  • ✅ banner in the shop about being away for EF has been posted long ago
  • ✅ POS-app, cash and card terminals need to be prepared
    • ✅ credit card payments have been updated and tested to actually try to connect to a terminal
  • ✅ Exotic Erotics arrived on Monday. (We planned for it to be here on Saturday)
    • ✅ reordered all their toys in storage to bring the most demanded toys and for all boxes we bring to be full
    • ✅ labels for regular products printed and applied
  • ✅ Bad Wolf shipped on Friday noon. We wanted it here on Saturday but with DPD it arrived on Wednesday. At that time we wanted to have already sorted everything, printed the catalogues and started to pack the trailer to drive off very early on Friday.
    • ⚠️not yet reordered all their toys in storage to bring the most demanded toys and for all boxes we bring to be full
    • ✅ tally list of BW Bargain Bin toys received, sale prices calculated and printed
    • ⚠️ sale prices labeled on all toys
    • ✅ labels for regular products printed and ⚠️ applied
  • ✅ Sidewinder Creations arrived on Tuesday (instead of Friday).
    • ✅ Sidewinder toys for the Bargain Bin have been packaged where needed
    • ✅ Due to the large number of Bargain Bin toys everything has been changed to have 3 Bargain Bins. One for each day.
    • ✅ tally list of SW Bargain Bin toys received and printed
    • ✅ labels for regular products printed and applied
  • ✅ Primal Desires toys have arrived on schedule
    • ✅ reordered all their toys in storage to bring the most demanded toys and for all boxes we bring to be full
    • ✅ labels for regular products printed and applied
  • 🚨 Catalogues/price lists can only be printed after we have actually received and counted all toys
    • ✅ new front pages reminding people to not take these home
    • ✅ showcase all toys that are new since the last Eurofurence in the first 5 pages
  • ✅ Amazon has been deactivated

Eurofurence preparations – let the crazy start

We returned from or short vacation.

Truck and transportation

The car is getting new tires at the moment.
We may have to add a lot of boxes of non #DealersDen show-related cargo for EF because someone else will not be able to drive. Glad to help.

Various toy deliveries

#FurryStyle is fine, as always.

The stuck #ExoticErotics delivery for #Eurofurence is unstuck and just arrived in Frankfurt Airport.

The #Zetacreations delivery is in customs and we will pick it up, once the car is done.

LizardLars has promised to ship today.

#BadWolf is still manufacturing.

So is #Sidewinder.

Not restocking #FlurbMe before EF to not add to the chaos, as they will have their own table back to back with ours.

Dealers Den booth

We forgot to upload the images for the Eurofurence cellphone app and did that last night.

All parts of the actual booth are done. However there was an information that no electric cartwheels can be used in the dealers den. So we have to move all it it by hand instead of using our electric pusher for stacks of Euroboxes.

Duke II sale

Until the end of the month,
we are having a sale on the stock Duke II and Duke II ejaculating toy, made by FurryStyle.
The Duke II ejaculating is 75€ instead of 92€ and
the Duke II is 45€ instead of 56€.

This does not apply to ordering a Duke II to be custom made.

Black Friday

You can find reduced prices all over the YiffyToys shop!
All overseas manufacturers as well as GLC and FurryStyle.
Some prices have also been permanently lowered.
For some we can just delay to sadly raise them a little longer.

  • Elypse Art
  • Exotic Erotics
  • FoxyRabbit
  • FurryStyle
  • GLC
  • Horny Ram
  • Twin Tails
  • Zetacreations

Exchange rates

We usually don’t do this but the stabilizing Exchange rates gave us a bit of room to breath here.
Granted, it’s not much.

Price increase for FurryStyle Muzzles

Due to increased material prices FurryStyle is slightly increasing the prices for it’s muzzles.
Their affordable, regular toys stay at their current prices for the moment but may have to receivea slight increase if this trend continues.

New FurryStyle Toy: The Avali (Update)

In the Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den,
we’ll present a new toy by FurryStyle:

(Avali race created by RyuujinZERO)

While you can buy the Mini Avali and Tiny Avali right away, the regular sized Avali will only be shown as a prototype.
We will have a number of custom colored Avali to show and sell these on Satuday.
The default, black Avali will be on sale on all days.

Update: We’re sorry

We made a mistake. It seems we accidentally left the one Box that contains the new Avali at home.
We will only have 2 Black Mini Avali for sale and a number of colored samples.
Also missing are:
Sergal Muzzle
Tiny Tiger
Mini Fox Paw

Update: Regular Avali

After a year of waiting, FurryStyle has perfected the regular sized Avali.