Eurofurence preparations – let the crazy start

We returned from or short vacation.

Truck and transportation

The car is getting new tires at the moment.
We may have to add a lot of boxes of non #DealersDen show-related cargo for EF because someone else will not be able to drive. Glad to help.

Various toy deliveries

#FurryStyle is fine, as always.

The stuck #ExoticErotics delivery for #Eurofurence is unstuck and just arrived in Frankfurt Airport.

The #Zetacreations delivery is in customs and we will pick it up, once the car is done.

LizardLars has promised to ship today.

#BadWolf is still manufacturing.

So is #Sidewinder.

Not restocking #FlurbMe before EF to not add to the chaos, as they will have their own table back to back with ours.

Dealers Den booth

We forgot to upload the images for the Eurofurence cellphone app and did that last night.

All parts of the actual booth are done. However there was an information that no electric cartwheels can be used in the dealers den. So we have to move all it it by hand instead of using our electric pusher for stacks of Euroboxes.