Eurofurence (After Dark) Dealers Den

There are some first seating plans for the After Dark Dealers Den at Eurofurence next month.
You can find us on the balcone (the After Dark section) right at the top side.
Given that we sell not just one but many manufacturers, we should be very hard to miss with our shelves and boxes full of toys.

EF-Online NOT in VRChat

Sadly we (and all other adult dealers) have been informed that our prepared booth for the VR experience in Eurofurence-Online will NOT be shown.
We will however:

This is due to VRChat being in the US and not Europe and their Terms Of Service being extremely vague regarding and kind of adult content or advertising thereof.

EF-Online VR Dealers Den

We just uploaded the texture to our Virtualfurence VR dealers den booth for Eurofurence Online.
The limitation is that no dealers den booth in VR is allowed to contain any adult imagery.
So it ended up mainly as a wall of boxes with the most prominent manufacturer logos.
We tried showing all logos but they ende up too small.

VR Limitations

Given the limitation of how many characters can be in a room at one time, we will probably not be present at our stand. Just like all the other dealers.
If everyone did, there would simply not be any slots left for actual customers to enter the same room.

Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den confirmed

Good news everyone.

We just got our tables in the Eurofurence After Dark Dealers Den confirmed this weekend. The Dealers Den and also the After Dark Dealers Den will be considerably larger then last year and the After Dark portion will be easier to get to. Hopefully avoiding the long queues through the corridors and even the main lobby that we experienced last year.

We are also investigating the option of arriving with a larger truck and no trailer, dramatically cutting down on our travel time. We have already upgraded our motorized equipment to move around heavy stacks of wares to cut down on the time and effort to load and unload for the Dealers Den.

Again, there will be no YiffyToys Room Party this year as we have quite a large table in the AD Dealers Den.

The seating plan is not to be shared yet. So we will keep you informed in the month to come.

Eurofurence 25 (updated)


  • No Room Party this year
  • Pre-Order NOW what you want to already use at the convention
  • Or email us, if you are unsure and want to just look at some toy in person.
  • Dealers Den is Friday + Saturday
  • HOWEVER: We’ll only be present half of Saturday
  • Have fun!

No Room Party

Because the After Dark Dealers Den was to be bigger and our YiffyToys Room Parties had grown so much, that we basically spent the entire convention just unloading and loading the truck or carrying huge carts of stuff between Room Party and After Dark Dealers Den. So we decided last year to skip the room party this year.
We did expect the After Dark Dealers Den to be open Thursday to Saturday like the regular Dealers Den. The schedule changes below surprised us serveral month later when a suite for a room party was no longer possible.

After Dark Dealers Den (FR+SA)

Just like last year, you can find us in the new After Dark Dealers Den. This time we will have twice the tables and 3 times the shelf-space. That is still smaller then the selection we had at the YiffyToys Room Parties in previous years.

Important: Our table in the AD Dealers Den opens only
Friday 15:00-20:00 and
Saturday 15:00-17:00 (not 20:00).
(We have to close down early, so we can not stay open until 20:00 on Saturday.)

Like every year, we will bring selected toys from all manufacturers.
We can not bring everything, so please go to our online shop now and please order now! Choose the shipping method „pickup at convention“.
This has 4 advantages:

1. Pick up at the start of the con. We are confident to be able to offer some form of pick up eon wednesday and thursday. Maybe even on Tuesday. So you can pick up your new toys and already put them to use during the convention.
2. It will be there. You may want a toy that we didn’t even pack. We have to make a selection on what to bring to the convention.
3. You won’t miss your change. Even if we packed it, someone else of the 2000+ convention visitors may have purchased it before you.
4. The long waiting queue. Because the AD Dealers Den is open only on the last 1.5 convention days, it will be crowded. We will not be able to dedicate much time to each customer. There will be a long queue and we fully expect security at the door to tell people to disperse and come back later instead of queuing outside the dealers den.

You can have a look at our Dealers den price list with the selection of toys we bring.
So you already know what you want to look at, when you reach the front of the queue.
It’s lists the toys we actually have at EF sorted by size, species and manufacturer.

New toys and Previews

We can preview 4 new toys by Sidewinder Creations (all but one in 3 different sizes) AND on Saturday you can actually buy the sample toys!

We are also expecting tiny replicas of

We have upcoming new toys from Bad Wolf.
but can’t guarantee that they will arrive in time.

We also have free samples of Wolf Cum Lube.

Exotic Erotics Special

Like every year, we will bring selected toys from all manufacturers.

But for Exotic Erotics we will not actually bring the limited selection we have all year long. Due to a huge effort in international freight, we’ll bring 8 boxes stuffed with 134 completely individual toys. You tell us the species and instead of being limited to 1 or 2 variations as dictated by the necessity of keeping a stock, we pull out an entire crate or two of color and size options to look at and choose from.
Since it will be crowded and a lot of people will be waiting in line, we just advise you to please look at the species in the online shop first to make up your mind about the species ahead of time.


Like every year we will have not one but TWO boxes of toys with reduced prices due to slight color mishaps, tiny air bubbles or other minor defects.
The difference is that this year we’ll have collected Flops from three four different manufacturers.

No YiffyToys Room Party next year

fox in shopping cart

We liked doing the yearly Room Party at Eurofurence. It was a lot of work but it was also fun. And we sold a lot of toys each time.

Many years ago, after it became inpossible to sell our toys in the regular Dealers Den, we started to sell them at private room parties. It worked well when it was just a few boxes. It still worked when we had to bring our own, small furniture to be able to stack boxes on top of each other. It became a lot more work when we had to rent a trailer, bring entire shelves and get motorized logistics equipment to still be able to move it all.

However we have reached all limits this year.

  • The limit of how many shelves and boxes we can present in the largest suite.
  • The limit of how much we can prepare and load within 3 days of work.
  • The limit of how much our truck can carry to and from the conventon.
  • The limit how much we can unload and load on-site, devoting an entire convention day just for unloading and another one for loading.
  • The limit of how much work we can do during the convention with the new After Dark Dealers Den before the long party nights.
  • The limit of how much we can disrupt our online shop not just during the week of the convention but also before and afterwards for a fairly long time.

Since we now have the After Dark Dealers Den and it worked well and will exist again and even grow next year, we are presented with two choices:

  1. Reduce the selection of toys drastically
  2. or give up the room party and only do the After Dark Dealers Den.

So we  made a decision. Since we must make a selection in the toys we offer on site either way and thus remove the actual point of the large room party compared to the smaller Dealers Den,

we will only do the After Dark Dealers Den next year.

We will try to get a second shelf or table next year, when there hopefully is more room available. But no more then 2.

We will still offer to make online shop orders to be picked up or even just looked at at the convention.

New FurryStyle Toys: Tiny Unicorn, Mini Unicorn and Tiny Foxcoon V2

As everyone on the FurryStyle announcements mailing list already knows,

FurryStyle has not released any new toys in a while because they have moved into a much larger workshop and improved all their machinery, processes and that dreaded paperwork we are all doomed to do.

Now they are back.

During our two YiffyToys Room Parties at Eurofurence and on our table in the experimental After Dark Dealers Den  you can exclusively see these toys for the first time for real.

Online sales will begin shortly after Eurofurence. Once we had time to do a proper counting. Until then they will be marked as „out of stock“ for technical reasons.

Despite it’s name, like all „Tiny“ series toys by FurryStyle the Tiny Unicorn is actually a very enjoyable size for people who either are not using dildos often or haven’t done so in a while.

Slightly larger but still enjoyable without any „training“ is the Mini Unicorn. The name again from an entire range of FurryStyle toys in this size.

Last the Tiny Foxcoon and the Tiny Foxcoon Easygrip are two extremely popular toys. After many years FurryStyle has decided to upgrade them to the new Tiny Foxcoon V2. The base has a more clean edge compared to the Tiny Foxcoon Easygrip yet retains it’s improved handling. While the former surfaces where highly polished, the V2 has a more satin finish for the simple reason, that it works better with lubricants.

Eurofurence 24 – Room Partys, After Dark Dealers Den and Order Pickup

The Big Ol‘ Room Party!

Like every year, we have rented a suite in the Estrel hotel again. There we will host a room party. To be precise… we’ll host two room parties.

Suite:  11222 (tower 1, floor 12, room 22)
Thursday starting 20:00 – open end
Friday      starting 20:00 – open end

We’ll announce the the room number:

The After Dark Dealers Den!

This year Eurofurence will have a small, experimental Dealers Den just for adult items. Let’s make this a success, so we can have this again next year!

The After Dark Dealers Den has different opening times from the regular Dealers Den.

Room:  In the small conference room 30212 (and 30210) on the 2nd level of block 3.
Thursday 16:00 – 19:00
Friday        16:00 – 19:00
Saturday: TBD

Space is limited. While we have nearly everything at the Room Party, we can only have a limted selected of the newest and best selling toys behind our Dealers Den table.

You can find us in Dealers Den right here:

What to expect at the party?

There will be free (non alcoholic) refreshments. Some music. A comfortable environment. A bouncer at the door, making sure it’s not overcrowded.
…and, being a sex toy shop, you can look at, touch (in sealed packaging) and buy nearly everything we sell.
Dildos in all shapes and sizes, lubricants, bondage equipment, condoms, masturbators, ….

Picking up orders

Again you can order in the YiffyToys shop and select „pick up at convention“ for free.
Then pick up your order during one of the two Room Partys.
If you already know what you want to buy, you are strongly advised to order in advance, using the online shop!
Custom made products will only be accepted for pick up until two weeks before the convention and only on a case by case basis. Please ask first.

Exclusive new toys

Every year we have a few toys that you can see for the very first time during our room party.
This year we will introduce a range of entirely new manufacturers at EF!

Behavior at the room party

  • Please don’t arrive exactly at 20:00 but at any random time after because everyone else will do the same. These partys go on for a long time. There is absolutely no need to arrive right at the start. In fact, it’s much more enjoyable after the crowd has thinned.
  • if you ask for a toy to have a look at it, don’t hand it to anyone behind you. This quickly escalates and we can’t afford expensive toys to „get lost“.
  • no alcohol and no intoxicated guests
  • a bouncer at the door may tell you to return later, if the suite is already crowded
  • sorry, no sex or nudity at the party. Not because we don’t like it but because it does tend to make other guest uncomfortable, who just want to look at or buy something.
  • don’t open the packaging of any toys in the suite.
  • no photos