Eurofurence – printed table cloth for Dealers Den arrived

Since the Eurofurence Dealers Den rules require „all table cloth used for covering or decoration purposes“ to be certified B1 flame retardand,
we had to get a custom table cloth printed.
(Just impregnating is specifically named as not compliant, even though that’s exactly what the printing companies do).

We still need new cloth to cover our shelves, since the current one is not flame retardand either. We already have the tools to attach them with sturdy studs instead of self-adhesive velcro this time.


If you want to inspect a certain toy in person during Eurofurence or already know what toy you want to buy after seeing it, please place an order with shipping „pickup at convention“ or write an email.
This way we can make sure to actually bring the toy to EF (we can only bring a selection of models) or reserve one for your order.