Exotic Erotics

Die nächste Lieferung von Exotic Erotics macht sich wohl Montag auf
den Weg zu uns.
Damit erwarten wir sie am 16.12. hier. Das ist gleichzeitig der Tag,
an dem unsere Weihnachts-Pause beginnt. Was bis dahin bezahlt ist
wird am 16ten noch verschickt aber dann bis in die ersten Januar-Tage
nichts mehr.
Wunsch-Varianten von Toys dieses Herstellers können für die nächste
Lieferung angefragt werden, sobald wie am Monat die Tracking-Nummer
dieser Lieferung bekommen haben.

Our next shipment from Exotic Erotics should be underway by monday.
So we expect it here on the 16th of december. Just the day when we
start our holidays.
We’ll ship whatever is waiting but then not ship until the first days
of january.

Custom colors from Furrystyle anyone?

On Saturday We’ll make my next order with Furrystyle.
If anyone is interested in custom colors, firmness,….
please contact us now to have it included in this order.

Avatar on FurAffinity

I’m using the icons that I had commissioned for the shop as my private avatar icons for ages now.
However some braindead moderator on FurAffinity seems to disagree with it.
For the second time in a row he claimt that it is „in violation on FA’s „By you / For you“ policy“.
Without asking me first…
Without requesting any kind of proof that I may indeed have had that icon made.
Without looking up the well known fact that I run this site and thus the icons used here are mine to use as I wish.
…not that moderation and management on FA has anything resembling a reputation of being professional, unbiased or fair to begin with.

Last time I was in contact with them it was because they changed their advertisement-rules and I could no longer have banner there.
Fair enough. …if it where the same rule for everyone and my competitors banners where removed due to the same rules.

On Google+

Added Google+, Twitter and Facebook

After doing this for the blog,
we just added „like“-links for Google+, Twitter and Facebook to the actual shop.
But, for your privacy nothing is transmitted to these services unless you actually click on their links.
Now you may easily share products you find interesting with your peers.

Google+ pages

Added a Google+ -page +YiffyToys as an experiment.

We’ll post the same things we post here on the blog on the Google+ -page but it’s easier for some to follow us and there may be smaller, twitter-like postings about less important things in there too.

Vixen auf Lager

Nach langer Zeit sind wieder ein paar wenige Elypse Art Vixen auf Lager und können bestellt werden.

Da jedes einzeln in Handarbeit gefertigt wird, ist hier das Angebot deutlich geringer als die Nachfrage.