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I’m using the icons that I had commissioned for the shop as my private avatar icons for ages now.
However some braindead moderator on FurAffinity seems to disagree with it.
For the second time in a row he claimt that it is „in violation on FA’s „By you / For you“ policy“.
Without asking me first…
Without requesting any kind of proof that I may indeed have had that icon made.
Without looking up the well known fact that I run this site and thus the icons used here are mine to use as I wish.
…not that moderation and management on FA has anything resembling a reputation of being professional, unbiased or fair to begin with.

Last time I was in contact with them it was because they changed their advertisement-rules and I could no longer have banner there.
Fair enough. …if it where the same rule for everyone and my competitors banners where removed due to the same rules.

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