Higher Paypal fees

Paypal is increasing it’s fees from 2.5% to 3.0%.

Due to PSD II regulations, we are not allowed to charge a fee associated with any one payment mechanism. So normally this would force up to increase all prices, even when paying with a credit card (1.4%), by bank transfer (0.10€/100 transactions) or in cash at events (free).
Since we already had to increase so many prices due to the EUR/USD exchange rate falling, we opted to instead only remove the Paypal express checkout button from the shopping cart for the time being. A permanent solution can hopefully wait until the current crisis is over.


We checked again and while the LG Munic ruled that we can’t do that for Paypal. later the higher OLG Munic ruled (10.10.2019 Az. 29 U 4666/18) that we are allowed to charge fee for using Paypal as long as the fee is not higher then the fee Paypal charged to us.
So starting 1st of August 2020 we may do that.

Fixed email templates

The last update of our shop software broke the email templates.
Sorry that we didn’t notice this earlier.
This manifested in automatic emails e.g. about an order being shipped to be mostly empty.

Except for one thing, they should all work again and we also clarified the wording in many places.
The missing fix is that the label for a new status of the order is currently displayed in German even for English customers. This was fixed a long time ago but the way it was fixed (a specific function call in an email template) is no longer allowed (no more function calls. Only variable access.).

We did raise an issue in the GitHub repository of the shop software pointing out this regression bug and why it came up again.

new „deep down“ category

We updates the design of our „deep down“ categrory of dildos.

While you can already reach „by size“, „by species“ and 2by manufacturer“ directly from the start page, some people do click onto the fox first.
We now display the existing selections found in the 2 subcategories as tabs here instead of an outdated table view.
We hope this is more consistent now and easier to navigate.

Lubes are back

For a while we intentionally didn’t restock any standard lubes while only keeping white Wolf Cum Lube and cheap Bovivet for rubber parties in stock.
Er figured that you could get them anywhere and this wasn’t why any of you would visit a specialty shop like ours.
As an experiment we have added them back in for a while to order along with any toys.