Keine Foxcoon mehr auf Lager

Von den Foxcoon von FurryStyle sind aktuell keine mehr auf Lager und das wird sich für die nächsten 3 Wochen auch nicht ändern lassen.
Danach sollten für die Weihnachts-Zeit noch ein mal wenige Stück rein kommen.
Betroffen ist bisher nur die reguläre Größe. NICHT der Foxcoon Mini, Tiny oder Tiny Easygrip.

Patreon and the adult content creators

Selling sex toys we have met our share of clashes with overly strict policies regarding any king of adult material in the payment industry.
This is the reason we do not offer any pay-by-invoice services as they usually forbid „pornography“ by wording but „anything adult related“ by practice. (Without humans, even the descriptions of our sex toys don’t even remotely touch the definition of pornography.)

What is happening?

This is why we are sad to head about how Patreon is slowly banning anything „adult“.
Not for it’s highest paying content creators. Just for the smaller and more vulnerable ones.

It all started with a Patreon ToS update in early October. (These are the ToS)

The first time we heard about this was in October in an Open Letter to Patreon with a petition to show support signed by thousands of people.

Later that month a Patron Blog posting tried to clarify the situation but with a huge difference in wording and enforcing the new ToS.

The latest part of this sad story seems to be this blog posting from 2017-11-10 by Samantha Cole.