Dealers Den started

Dealers Den started...
Pretty quiet at the moment.
Time to relax after fursuiting.

Party will be tomorrow 18:00 in room 437

Already got some decent wine.
Lots of silicone samples to take home, a wall of crates with goodies from the shop and of cause that new Furrystyle toy nobody has seen yet.

our room party at EF

our room party at Eurofurence will start Friday 18:00 in room 437. You can get a first glimpse at a new Furrystyle. toy that will be announced after EF and have the chance to get slightly inperfect toys for a reduced price. (We do not make such an offer online.)

Eurofurence – shop on hold

Like every year we’ll leave for Eurofurence soon and orders in the shop as well as emails will not be processed until we are back next week.
You can ontact us on site in dealers den or during our planned room party. Email may or may not reach us while we are away.

Anything (particularly the Furoticon cards) sold on site may not be accurately reflected in the stock management of the shop. This means that when ordering something in the shop we may inform you after EF that the particular item is no longer in stock and you’ll have the choice between waiting a short while or getting a refund.

The room number and a final confirmation of the date and time for our room party will be posted soon.
At the party you have the chance to see completely new Furrystyle models to be announced after EF and to get flops (dildos with slight miscolorations or other minor defects) at a reduced price. These will not be avaliable online.

Visit us at Eurofurence! – Secret new Furrystyle toy *hint*

Be sure to visit us in the Eurofurence Dealers Den!
You can find us selling Furoticon cards in the back of Salon Dresden!

We are currently trying to organise our very own *room party*.
Just come to our table and ask for details.
It’s quite short notice and our room is small this year.
So the final decision will be done on the first day of the convention.
If you want us to, we can also come to your private party with whatever toys you would like to have a closer look at.
(We know that many of you did not yet have the chance to see the newly made Furrystyle toys after we moved the factory to Germany.)

One incentive: We’ll bring a not yet released, never seen before Furrystyle toy !
English, German
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EF Dealers Den

Change of plan: If you have something to pick up, find me and I’ll show you to the room to pick it up. No pickup in dealers den. I’ll have to close and clean up the table every time. (Furoticon cards are way too easy to pickpocket when I’m away.) I’ll still be in dealers den. I probably won’t be next year.

EF Dealer Den

Bezüglich unserem Stand im Eurofurence Dealers Den werden sich kurzfristig Änderungen ergeben. Kurzfristig wird die etablierte Praxis sowohl bezüglich Vorbestellungen als auch bezüglich Beratung vor Ort (z.B. Silikon Samples in verschiedenen Härten und Farben begutachten) für späteren Online-Bestellungen geändert werden müssen. In Kürze mehr.

Nächste Exotic Erotics Bestellung

Nachdem die Letzte so super-schnell angekommen ist, ist jetzt auch (wie angekündigt) die Bestellung für alle weiteren Modelle raus. Wenn alles eintrifft wird (fast) jedes Exotic Erotics Modell wieder ab Lager lieferbar sein. ….oder auch nicht. Denn bis dahin werdet ihr mir ja mal wieder alles weg-bestellt haben. 😉

New items: Hippocampus

We have some new models from Exotic Erotics in our store!

For eons the hippocampus has drawn Poseidon’s chariot across the seas. Now this serpentine big boy has come out of the water to drive you crazy. Let this mythological toy show you the motion of the ocean with it’s uniquely textured shaft that starts out like a gently lapping wave, then shows you the power of the crashing surf. This unique experience will have you praying to Neptune as you come back for more!

The Hippocampus

comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes.
All of them are of medium firmness and natural colored as seen on the photograph.

Preorders for pickup at Eurofurence

Only two weeks left until Eurofurence. You can still preorder any items in the YiffyToys shop. Just select „(*) pickup at convention“ as the shipping method. You may pay in advance or at the convention. Custom made items from Furrystyle are only possible until 1 week before the convention starts. Any other items until Sunday the 26th. You can pick them up in a thermo-sealed, opaque bag at our table in dealers den. We need your name and the order number to do this.