WWII bomb disposal near YiffyToys

Today we had to evacuate for a World War II aerial bomb disposal.
This is the second time this happened to us.
Now we’re allowed back into the YiffyToys shop.
Everything went smoothly.

Sadly these things are still a very common occurence in Germany.
You’re lucky if one is found and disposed instead of them blowing up on their own.
Acid time delay fuses are just a bitch.
Usually they are found during construction work.

Yes, sometimes „disposal“ means these huge beasts have to be detonated in place.
That’s why such large parts of the city are evacuated with the red cross setting up camp in the trade show halls and everything.

Exotic Erotics prices lowered

As announced, we have finally lowered the prices of all imported toys due to the relaxed exchange rates between Euro and US-Dollar.
The last manufacturer we worked out way through was Exotic Erotics.

Note that there is also a delivery by Exotic Erotics currently on the way to restock many toys.

Lower prices for FoxyRabbit

The EUR/USD exchange rate has stopped it’s free fall, that started in May 2021 and may have stabilized in the 1.05-1.07 EUR/USD range.
This allowed us to lower the prices for imported toys from FoxyRabbit

Back in mid-2021, it started it’s nose-dive at 1.22 Euro for every Dollar
While this does not seem like much, it translates to quite a difference for toys that cost 50, 80 or 200 Euro.

new 2023 DHL prices

We have activated the new DHL prices in the YiffyToys shop.
Some prices have gone down, som up.
The majority of you will pay a slightly lower price when selecting „DHL“ as the shipping method in checkout.


Sorry, we forgot the 12ct „toll+CO2 surcharge“ and the new „energy-surcharge“ in the new DHL pricelist.
Luckily the November+December surcharge doesn’t apply anymore
but we will have to regularly update to apply the monthly changing „energy-surcharge“ that DHL charges.

Zetacreations shipment immanent

We will reopen shipping on Monday.
Today we received the invoice for the shipping fees of a Zetacreations shipment,
that we expect to arrive in the second week of January.

Holidays 2022

Just as every year, we will be on vacation and there will be no shipping during the holidays.
Contrary to last year, we will not open again between Christmas and New-Year.
The shop is closed from 2019-12-17 until New-Year.
This blog posting will be updated as new information comes in.

Last orders

The last shipping will happen on 2019-12-16 for orders played and fully payed on 2022-12-15 20:00.
If you select DHL Packstation, please make sure to include your DHL Postnummer in the address.
if you select Hermes Shop2Shop, please tell us about what Hermes shop to select via email. (Hermes wants a delivery address AND the shop.)

Last custom orders

FurryStyle will no longer accept custom orders to be finished this year effective today.

Deliveries before the holidays

We have just recieved some last deliveries by Sidewinder Creations, FlurbMe and by Bad Wolf (including Wolf Cum Lube). We will announce them at once, so you can still place an order to be fulfilled before we have to close down and have it arrive before christmas.

DHL situation during Christmas

At the moment every DHL post office is crowded. If you can, please select a DHL Packstation instead of having anything delivered to a selected post office. Because if you do, expect very long waiting queues.

Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk

We have shut down our presence on Amazon on the 15th of December.
This step is needed because orders made there would have to be shipped in less then 7 days and that is not possible while we are enjoying the holidays like everyone else.
Amazon will be reactivated before or very shortly after we return.

Our credit card used the wrong exchange rate on us

Looks like our credit card used for our own US orders has charged us a wrong exchange rate for an oder payed on the first of November.
Their price-list says they would use the mastercard exchange rate and where to look it uo. However that gives a different rate for that date then the one they actually charged.

Pretty dump hacking attempt on our shop server

We noticed a fairly stupid (failed) hacking attemp in our server by placing an order with code-injection.


It’s a simple and fairly bad attempt to get the shop to download and execure some PHP-malware.
The malware is very generic and probably just off-the-shelf.
The attempt was very rudimentary and made in a way that would instantly come to attention.
So this was in no way targeted and is probably attempted with thousands of shops in an automated way.


We informed the abuse department of the domain registrar used to download the malware from.
We also added the existing captcha also to the account-creation process.
Obviously we did check the log files, security scanner report and that indeed all patches against known issues (security relevant or not) hava already been applied.
We also enabled an „invisible“ Google ReCaptcha V3 in addition to the existing server-side captcha for account-creation and deleted a large number of similar accounts created by harmless bots in the past.