Sidewinder restocked before Mephit Mini Con

We got a delivery of Sidewinder Creations toys (English / German).
All of the 56 toys, except a few of the plugs, are back in stock.
We are about to change the very small and small version of Plugs,
to make them only build-to-order

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

DHL removes most crisis surcharges

Starting this month DHL has removed most of the crisis surcharges (1-3€/Kg).
Only Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa remain but are lowered.

We have already uploaded the new prices to the shop.

Updated prices

We have updated the prices for toy by FlurbMe and by Bad Wolf to match their current prices.
Sorry, for the price increases. This has to be done.

YiffyToys is now an adult shop. Let’s celebrate 18 years!

The year is 2006.

Computer monitors weight as much as a small refrigerator.
People have to decide between Windows98 and Windows 2000 as Vista has not plagued us yet.
On the 30th of January 2006 we inquired with the brand new toy-maker „FurryStyle“ in the US about opening a shop and reselling their toys on the European continent.
Making some inquiries with conventional toy distributors, the customs office, popular portal pages.
A week later the first drafts of our iconic foxes are in the mail.
Another week later, on the 15th of February 2006 the YiffyToys website opened.
Originally named „furryshop“ but quickly renamed to „YiffyToys“ after barely a month.

Two month later?

In April the „Behind The Scenes“ blog you are reading right now is created.
Back then created with a new Google service called Blogspot but uploaded to our own server for hosting.
The shop got support for multiple languages (even experimenting with French), currencies and this fancy new IPv6 thing.

Half a year later?

In August YiffyToys was at Eurofurence 12 in the Nuremberg Castle with a huge crowd of 405 attendees. Our very first Dealers Den. Very clumsy and all our toys still fit on top of a single table. Many of those would follow. Back then there was no distinction between After Dark and regular dealers den on any convention.

Two years later?

In 2008 we added other manufacturers. Back then, we even sold Bad Dragon toys for a while.
We had to get our trademarks entered in Germany and the US and defended it at the WIPO in Switzerland against some typosquatter trying to open a shop in the US using our very name. During the Christmas holidays no less.

Another 3 years?

In 2011 FurryStyle – the manufacturer we started out with – went out of business and we won the auction for all molds, the name and some advertising material. Obviously no customer data. Not wanting to give up on these toys, we started to continue making them on our own. Staying completely fair to all manufacturers up to this day.

After 18 years?

Here we are.
16 different manufacturers, with more to come
Well over 300 different toys in stock.
Constantly adding more variety and improving the ways to find exactly what you are looking for.
Handling orders from all over the world.
…except maybe Vatican city.

Now, your favourite, yiffy toy -shop has finally come of age.


We celebrate this with discounts on many Furrystyle toys
We also lowered or discounted some Exotic Erotics prices of toys included in the last delivery, thanks to the favorable exchange rate back at that point.
Some FlurbMe prices are already lowered for that very reason.
Why not more?
Being fair to our customers means not selling at higher prices, so we can offer huge discounts at specific times.
Being fair to our manufacturers means not selling cheaper then they do.

Celebrating with an old favorite

We also tried to welcome back an old FurryStyle favorite in time.
Sadly this will take a bit longer.
We will not sacrifice quality to meet a deadline here.
It’s done when it’s done.
Stay tuned!

Updated prices for Horny Ram toys

Horny Ram changed their prices for a few, large toys.
We have taken the opportunity to update all prices for their toys.
Most toys are slightly cheaper now due to better exchange rates.

Very few toys got usually 2-3€ more expensive.
These toys we are offering as a discount at the old price until the end of February.


UK customers should order now. Border delays starting next week.

Starting next week the first new border checks for exports from the EU (where we are) to the UK will start.
At first only affecting a small number of products.

A much larger number of checks will start in April and ramp up until November.
This will slow down border traffic.

As a consequence, we urge UK customers to place planned orders of toys at YiffyToys within the next few days. So they can cross the UK border before all of this starts.
Remember: Everything you can buy in our shop is actually in stock and can be shipped right away.

Happy New Year – changes

Hello everyone,
we have returned from the holidays.
All waiting orders have been shipped. Including what people ordered during New Year.

Bad Wolf

A fresh delivery from Bad Wolf was already waiting for us.
Especially Wolf Cum Lube is back in stock

Horny Ram

With the new year, Horny Ram has updated it’s prices and we had to changed ours accordingly. Some toys did get cheaper but most had their prices raised slightly.

DHL prices lowered

DHL lowered a number of country-specific surcharged and the November+December „peak surcharge“ ends. The energy-surcharge stays stable at 1.25% but with the raised, national price for CO2 emissions we expect the CO2+Maut surcharges to rise at some point this quarter..

Holidays 2023

Just as every year, we will be on vacation and there will be no shipping from 2023-12-17 until New-Year. Orders played during the holidays will be shipped after New Year.

Last orders

The last shipping will happen on 2023-12-16 for orders played and fully payed on 2023-12-15 20:00.
If you select DHL Packstation, please make sure to include your DHL Postnummer in the address.
if you select Hermes Shop2Shop, please tell us about what Hermes shop to select via email. (Hermes wants a delivery address AND the shop.)

Last custom orders

FurryStyle will no longer accept custom orders to be finished this year effective today.

Deliveries before the holidays

We are awaiting one last delivery by Sidewinder Creations and by Bad Wolf before the holidays.

DHL situation during Christmas

At the moment every DHL post office is crowded. If you can, please select a DHL Packstation instead of having anything delivered to a selected post office.
Because if you do, expect very long waiting queues.

We will shut down our presence on Amazon on the 14th of December.
This step is needed because orders made there would have to be shipped in less then 7 days and that is not possible while we are enjoying the holidays like everyone else.
Amazon will be reactivated before or very shortly after we return.

DHL raising shipping price surcharge for December

Starting with December, DHL raises it’s „CO2+Maut surcharge“ from 0,06€ to 0.18€ per parcel.
At least the „Energy Surcharge“ stays at the 1.25% introduced for November.

Given that we try to not charge more then what we actually pay for shipping (including packaging), we will change our DHL prices for December accordingly.