New Toy – Tainted Plu’s Butt

We actually have a new toy in stock.

But what’s the point in announcing it when you have already purchased our entire stock before we even got around to writing this blog posting.
How very inconsiderate of you lot.

So here you have a few photos and plenty of time to read the detail in the linked shop page until we get another delivery.
…greedy bastards. 😉

New delivery by Exotic Erotics on it’s way

A new delivery of Dildos by Exotic Erotics (English / German) is on it’s way.

We expect it to arrive in about 10 business days (including customs). Then we just have to count, label and sort it for the new stock to be available in our shop (English Shop / German Shop). When that happend, we’ll report here again, so you can place your orders on items that are curretly still out of stock.   If you want to track this delivery, you can do so here and here.

Custom Dildos:
For just a few days after this delivery arrived and before we place our next order right away, it will be possible to order custom variation again. Just contact us via email, stating all the details like colour and firmnes. Then we’ll provide you with a custom product that can be ordered exactly 1 time via the regular ordering process. The only  difference is that it obviously takes longer to ship and we require it to be fully payed right away. Also for custom made products there is no 14 day return period.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

New categories

Over the years our selection of toys has grown…. a lot.
So after all this time we have taken it upon ourself to redesign the categories.
You can now start browsing either

by manufactuer

or species

or size you are looking for.

From there you can drill down further using multiple selection values.
Sadly the shop system does not allow us to add the numerical values like „usable length“ or „knot diameter“ to the automatic drill down navigation. We’ll see about ways to add that ability outself at a later time.

How we do photos and size comparisons

Why photograph yourself?
For all the different toys, we do our own photos.
This has a simple reaon. We aggregate lots of very different manufacturers. All of them do their photos differently. Some even don’t do their own photos. Some have a black background. Some a gradient. Some don’t show the specific colour variation we stock in their photos. Some leave a lot of white space around the toy, some crop very tightly. Some include some random object for a size comparison.
So to have all of them integrate nicely with the shop and have them look similar (especially when watching a shop category that is selected not by manufacturer but by species or size), we do our own photographing.

How we choose to do size comparisons.
Comparing sizes online is surprisingly difficult.

But… soda cans?
Some manufacturers and dealers include a sode can as a reference. While it may sound reasonable, it actually doesn’t work. While in your particular area only 2 or 3 sizes seem to be around and you are tempted to think that this is how big a soda can is, it isn’t. In every part of this world they are sized differently. Not just metric vs. imperial. In Europe you can see this when crossing a border to France, Poland or the Netherlands. 0.2L, 0.25L, 0.33L or 0.5L? Same volume but wide or slim? Slighly undersized at the airport to look bigger then it actually is?
This applies to any household item. We we choose not do go this way.

How about a ruler then?
We already take our own meassurements and post all length, diameter and circumfence values in standard metric and converted to imperial as product attributes. They can be searched, filtered and sorted.
It just makes no sense to do mug shots in front of some kind of metric+imperial ruler or striped background here. (Also any lens distortion would make this misleadingif the background is not right behind the shaft. A thing that is often prevented by the base of the toy.)

So what then?
What we do is to compare toys to other, common toys.
We think this is the most meaningful comparison for people. They already own one toy and can relate to how that length, knot or shape feels. If you see another toy depicted right next to the one you already know, perfect.
However… we can’t photograph every toy with every other toys we have access to.
So what do we do?
A long time ago, we selected a number of very common and distinctive toys and set one of each aside for just this reason. One of the most prominent ones being the Akita, Foxcoon and the Tiny. We have since retired the Tiny as it’s no longer as popular as it was many years ago as a first toy for many people.
We have added new toys to our collection whenever we could. Usually when we got hold of a slightly defective one. As overseas manufacturers will make very, very sure never to send anything with small defecs all across the globe, this means that we have more toys from FurryStyle then anyone else for this. We never favour any manfacturer over another and try to be perfectly fair, so I hope you accept this explanation.
From these we try to select toys of a similar shape and size that make for a meaningful comparison. If you want to compare 2 toys, chances are good both have been photographed next to the same compasiron toy and you can use both these photos along with the stated meassurements to make your decision.


When new deliveries come in, it’s a busy time. When these include new toys that shall be for sale as soon as possible, even more so.
Doing a dozen photographs for each one of >300 toys over many years and even a generations of photography equipment is work. Post processing every single one of them is even harder.
So while we do want to have absolutely stunning and perfectly photos, this is not practical. The reality is that we are a dealer, not an art galery and photos are but one part. Without size meassurements, weight, description, price calculation, technical details for reordering, customs and keeping up with currency fluctuations, finding and organizing the storage space for the new toy all have to be done at the same busy time. The toys need to be unpacked, cleaned, dried, new packaging printed (product safety regulations) and a lot of heavy lifting done.
So we had to come up with a style that looks good, shows off the shape, size, texture and colour of each toy very well yet can be repeated 2000 times even when in a hurry.
In the end we came up with a fixed light setup and fixed light and camera settings that can accomoate deep black, white and slightly reflective toys as well as anything from a tiny to an enourmous toy, size compasisons of two toys and group photos.

We would like to come back and reshoot some of the older photos.
But running a business is hard work and this work never stops.
And the toy needs to be available, prepared hours in advances (to dry after cleaning) and be packaged and returned to the inventory later.
So the reality is that we don’t get around to actually do this very often. Sorry.

New DHL prices

We have updated our shipping rates to the new DHL prices for 2019.

Obviously they are higher (when has DHL ever lowered prices?).

Sorry. Nothing we can do about that.

Wartung bei Kreditkarten

Unser Zahlungs-Dienstleister hat uns über eine kleine Wartung informiert.

Am 25.7.2018 zwischen 10:00 und 12:00 MESZ werden Kreditkarten-Zahlungen nicht möglich sein. Sollte kein Größeres Problem darstellen.

(Wer bestellt schon Mittags mal eben Dildos und hat NUR die Kreditkarte als Zahlungsmittel.)

Project Wonderful stellt den Betrieb ein

Bisher haben wir eine der ältesten Furry Bild-Gallerien, die VCL durch Nutzung ihres Werbebanner-Anbieter auf Project Wonderful gefördert.

Vor kurzem  erreichte uns nun die Nachricht, daß dieser seinen Betrieb


Ab dem 11. Juli werden keine Banner mehr ausgeliefert.

Ab dem 1.August werden wir dann auf unseren Zugang nicht mehr zugreifen können.

Ab 6.August wird Project Wonderful dann nach 12 Jahren, 6 Monaten und 12 Tagen den Betrieb endgültig einstellen.


Heute um 11:21 war unser Shop für einige Minuten nicht erreichbar.

Der Email-Server war für einige Stunden ausgefallen. Dabei sind jedoch keine in der Zwischenzeit eingehende Emails verlohren gegangen, da absendende Email-Server mehrere Zustell-Versuche unternehmen.

Grund war ein Stromausfall im Rechenzentrum. 17min später war die Stromversorgung per USV wiederhergestellt.

Ursache für den Ausfall war eine starke Spannungsabsenkung im örtlichen 
Stromnetz. Warum es trotz USV-Absicherung zu Ausfällen gekommen ist, wird 
noch geprüft. Aktuell hat die Wiederherstellung des gesicherten Betriebs 
oberste Priorität.


Morgen tritt die Datenschutz Grundverordnung in Kraft.

Soeben haben wir die neue Datenschutzerklärung in Deutsch und in Englisch online geschaltet. Beide auch auf und auf

Rundmails an alle Personen auf der Roomparty-Mailingliste gingen bereits die Tage raus.

…jetzt heißt es warten ob irgend ein Verbraucherschutz-Verein eine Lücke in der Arbeit der Anwälte findet.



Wir versuchen unsere Preise stabil zu halten, so daß Niemand von plötzlich steigenden Preisen (oder kurz nach dem Kauf fallenden Preisen)  unangenehm überrascht wird. Allerdings sind viele unserer Produkte importiert und werden in USD bezahlt.

Der USD-Kurs ist in den letzten 12 Monaten um 6,3% gestiegen. Das ganze erste Quartal hindurch sogar 10-12% gegenüber dem Juni letzten Jahres. Unsere jetzigen Preise für importierte Waren wurden während eines deutlich günstigerem Dollar-Kurs festgelegt.

Abgesehen von der allgemeinen Preis-Erhöhung um 1,9% durch das Verbot durch uns zu zahlende Kreditkarten/Paypal/…-Gebühren fair und vergleichbar auszuweisen und nur auf die Preise aufzuschlagen, wenn auch wirklich damit bezahlt wird. Diese Erhöhung hatte mit dem USD-Kurs natürlich nichts zu tun.

Hinzu kommt, daß schon zum Jahreswechsel einige größe Silikon-Hersteller in Presse-Veröffentlichungen von einem Rohstoff-Engpass und einer damit begründeten möglichen Preiserhöhung für ihr Silikon gesprochen haben. Es kann jederzeit passieren, daß unsere Dildo-Hersteller kurzfristig ihre Preise erhöhen müssen. Einige haben uns dahingehend auch schon angesprochen. Einige solche Preiseranpassungen(durchaus auch mal nach Unten) von Exotic Erotics haben wir bereits bei uns eingepflegt.

Aktuell haben wir alles durchgerechnet und werden unsere jetzigen Preise noch eine Weile halten können. So lange der Kurs aber weiter so hoch bleibt, müssen wir nach jeder größeren Lieferung erneut rechnen ob und wie lange wir das noch machen können.