Furoticon playing cards discontinued

Serveral years ago we started to sell Furoticon playing cards.
We did that because we could not sell dildos in Dealers Den but wanted to be present and seen (and hand out invitations to our YiffyToys room party).

Since Eurofurence has an After Dark Dealers Den, this is no longer needed.
So we have stopped ordering new cards.

Today the last of the remaining cards has been sold and we have deactivated the category in the shop. We only have some left over mugs and mouse pads.

Corona+Brexit shipping limitations

DHL just surprised us with some updates.
More information at https://www.dhl.de/coronavirus

We will update this blog posting as we get new information.
last update: 2021-01-15 Italy and Greece, limitations lifted

For the UK please also read our Brexit and HMRC information.

Delays in Austria

Due to heavy snow fall, DHL is warning about heavy delays in parcels delivered to Austria.
(The one without any kangaroos. 😉 )
Very large parcels may not arrive before Christmas anymore.

DHL – changes in USA shipping

Due to the SARS-SoV2 most international flights are cancelled.
Up to now this ment long waiting times for a plane to carry parcels along and a small surcharge to all parcels headed for the US.

Starting 15th of September that surcharge will be lifted (and we will reduce our prices accordingly) but a lot of parcels will travel by sea. So the waiting time for a flight will be replaced by the travel time of a cargo ship slow steaming across the Atlantic.
DHL says this means 25-30 days of travel time for parcels.

Premium parcels are still flown (and still have the surcharge in addition to the already high price tag) but due to the weight of our products, we do not offer that service.

Covid 19 shipping update


DHL is still warning about delays due to large volumes of parcels being moved.
They have hired additional staff and shifted some work to other departments
Current limitations (such as countries we can’t ship to) can always be seen here.

Restocking toys from the US of A

The large toy delivery sent by Exotic Erotics is still on it’s way.
We expect it to arrive safely but with a significant delay.
The last one during February was delayed by an entire month. We hope that it will be less extreme this time.

Restocking toys from within Europe

Apart from some manufacturers experiencing delays in getting their Silicone,
there should be no noticable delays for us in restocking toys.


DHL has lifted the size limitation when shipping to Belgium that we mentioned the last time.

There will still be delays and there are still some limitationt that don’t affect us.


There where some limitations that don’t affect us. (Parcels >20Kg that require 2 people to carry).
In addition DHL is reporting delays. These of cause do affect our orders.

Slightly cheaper US shipping starting 11th of May

Shipping to USA

Looks like shipping to the USA will get LESS expensive starting the 11th of May.
The current +17,19€ special fee DHL asks during the CORVID-19 crisis with it’s reduced flights will be reduced to +2,62€/Kg.

Shipping to Belgium

However there is also bad news.
Belgian postal services are at their limit and only very small parcels (40 x 40 x 40 cm) are still accepted with Belgium as a destination.
Our small and medium sized parcels do match this creteria. But very large orders may have to be split into multiple parcels and extremely long toys may not work out at all..

Bovivet cheaper

We are lowering the price for the (already cheap) Bovivet lubricant from 9.68€/l to 8€/l permanently.
The strange old price has not been changed since the German sales tax was increased from 16% to 19%. That was a LONG time ago.

Note that this is a lubricant and thus we sell it for lube-play on latex, where lots of lube is needed. 😉

We’re back

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We have returned from the holidays and are already preparing all the shipments that have accumulated during the yearly vacation.
(And also a metric ton of yearly paperwork.)

No new DHL prices

DHL in Germany currently is in the news because DHL will increase prices for end customers starting on the 1st of January.

However, for business customers that already happend at the 1st of September this year.
So we will not increase our shipping prices with the new year.