10 years on X

We have this blog since basically the Neolithic.
Started as Blogspot exporting the pagers via ftp to out own server,
later self-hosted with WordPress after the shutdown.
Long before microblogging on centralized platforms run by a 3rd party became a thing.

We have been on Google+ with it’s fine grained „Circles“ until it was shut down.

Even though we have a Mastodon account in the Fediverse since 2022,

we still maintain our presence on X (the one that started as Twitter).
As of today it has been exactly 10 years since we created our account there.

The past

The platform started out as genuinely „good enough“ back then and was popular.
With it’s all-or-nothing privacy model, users found out that they had to have multiple accounts.
But as everyone was there, everyone had to.
This was a time long before Telegram after all.
Contrary to the private X account, the YiffyToys account hasn’t been arbitrarily deleted without a given reason or any method of ever contacting a human once.

The future

With the mass exodus after the Twitter takeover and renaming and mass firings,
we started our Mastodon account mentioned above.
That’s where all the small stuff that doesn’t need a Blog posting gets posted.
With the new platforms all federating (at least until they are big enough for the bait-and-switch), that seems to be fine.

Long format stuff is still posted here and automatically mentioned in Fediverse and X.

We will maintain our account on X.
Even if it’s just to keep anyone else from grabbing our name and to be able to contact new manufacturers via private messages.
With so many people gone, there isn’t much interaction going on anymore.
It has deteriorated to people posting links to websites and others forwarding these with no comment or reply for a long time.
Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen on the Fediverse.