Black Friday

You can find reduced prices all over the YiffyToys shop!
All overseas manufacturers as well as GLC and FurryStyle.
Some prices have also been permanently lowered.
For some we can just delay to sadly raise them a little longer.

  • Elypse Art
  • Exotic Erotics
  • FoxyRabbit
  • FurryStyle
  • GLC
  • Horny Ram
  • Twin Tails
  • Zetacreations

Exchange rates

We usually don’t do this but the stabilizing Exchange rates gave us a bit of room to breath here.
Granted, it’s not much.

EF26 – Bad Wolf Special

At EF25 – the older among you may still remember a time before The Gobal Pandemic – we had an Exotic Erotics special.
In addition to our famous box of Flops – off-colour and out of shape toys at discounted prices – we also had a selection of perfectly fine, random toys from Exotic Erotics.

This year Bad Wolf aproached us to do the very same thing.
So on the other end of our table you’ll have a huge box with assorted Bad Wolf toys to paw through and pillage.
This box also contains 2 completely new toys.

We will also have very few Bad Wolf flop mixed into our discount Flop -box.

Halloween Special

For the first time we are running some custom made toys for the season.
Click the image below to see the toys in detail

Halloween Special

The toys are build to order by Bad Wolf and will thus take longer to be shipped then the inventory we keep ourself for immediate shipment.
However since the manufacturer is known to ship quickly and shipping doesn’t involve a ship crossing the ocean, we are confident that this will work out within the time stated in the product descriptions.
Both of this is so we don’t still have a stock of these limited toys when the season ends.
Being a small shop this prevented us from doing suck events in the past.