Wrong weight

Looks like the shop system had the wrong weight for the Tiny Fox Paw.
This caused shipping to be calculated not for a 100g item but for a 1Kg item.
Sorry…fixed now.

storage cleaned up

Over the years our shop software has create a dozens of unused copies of product images.
With a special script we just removed 21.5GB of unused images. Keeping 2.2GB of actually used ones.
If you notice any missing images, please tell us.
So far everything looks fine.

Security update

Just like 2 days ago, we have to run an important security update (again).
The shop will be offline for just a few minutes.

We are away for the weekend doing preparations for Eurofurence late this year.
Shipping will resume on monday.

no more GLS

A while ago we added GLS as a third shipping option next to DHL and Hermes.
However since after a year only a single customer ever wanted GLS, we have to disable it instead of expanding it from Germany to all of Europe.

DHL even more overloaded then normally on Christmas


DHL informed us that they are experiencing way more parcel volume then even on a „normal“ Christmas.
They say, that everything they have to transport parcels is moving and there are no spares left to increase capacity.
So everything may be delayed by up to an additional day.


Liebe Kund*innen und Geschäftspartner*innen,

im Folgenden stellen wir Ihnen die wichtigsten Informationen zur aktuellen Bearbeitungssituation in Ihrem Abgangspaketzentrum Lahr zur Verfügung: Leider kommt es aktuell aufgrund von hohen Sendungsmengen zu Einschränkungen an Ihrem Standort. 

Die Bearbeitung von Paketen in Ihrem Paketzentrum verzögert sich momentan um bis zu einen Tag.

Sie können die nächste Einmalige Abholung wieder ab dem 16.12.2021 buchen.

Aufgrund von sehr hohen Verkehrsmengen befinden sich unsere Transportbetriebsmittel momentan nahezu vollständig im Umlauf. Es kann in Einzelfällen dazu kommen, dass sich die Versorgung mit Wechselbrücken, Rollbehältern und weiterem Leergut verzögert oder nur im Tausch stattfindet.

Wir bitten, auftretende Verzögerungen zu entschuldigen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ihr Post & DHL Team

New DHL prices

We have set up the new DHL shipping prices for 2022 in the shop.
(We have also simplified the process for us to enter the various, shifting Corona-surcharges for individual countries.)
While many international destinations and larger German have become slightly more expensive,
smaller German parcels have reduced in price slightly and the Brexit surcharge for UK destinations has been lowered.

Bumpy update

We had somewhat of a bumpy update to many components of the shop software.
Everything seems to be fine again but if you notice anything out of the ordinary,
please contact us. So we can look into it right away.
Thank you.

Oskar the Horse fixed

We seem to have accidentally marked „Oskar the Horse – Natural“ by Zetacreations as „out of stock“ some time in the past. In fact we still had 2 of them in stock. But this way nobody could order them.
We just fixed that. Sorry.

Other fixes

Also some Zetacreations toys where not correctly flagged as having a suction cup.
So they would not be found when using the advanced search in the shop to search by detailed size (e.g. knot diameter), species, colour and toy features.


While at it, we are also updating their descriptions from the old „HTML in text field“ to the new WYSIWYG „Page Editor“ our shop system now offers.

Paypal fixed

It looks like our Paypal integration suffered from an expired API certificate.
Sadly Paypal has changed their website so often, that their own documentation on how to renew it (that includes the scary step of deleting the old one and doesn’t mention that the „renew“ button only exists unless all but one old certificates are removed), is completely out of sync with how their website works nowadays.

Paypal should work again now.
If not, please contact us!

Returned from furmeet. Lots of deliveries.

Finally furmeets again

As can be seen ihn our event-calendar (for personal pickup of orders),
we have just returned from a 4 day furmeet and will resume normal operations tomorrow.


There are a total of 3 large deliveries waiting for us in customs and we’ll try to pick them all up tomorrow.
Exotic Erotics (waiting for the pdf invoice but that will likely arrive in time),
Zetacreations and
Twin Tails.

Material shortage

Some European manufacturers are suffering from material shortages and are struggling to finish deliveries or have closed down new orders for the time being. The US manufacturers we import don’t seem to be affected yet.

YiffyToys financial situation

We also managed to pay our import fees for an Exotic Erotics delivery that was accidentally delivered to us without and customs a few weeks ago. (Have to keep our books clean after all.)

Financially the shop is struggling quite a lot. Not only with so many deliveries to be paid for and no physical Eurofurence Dealers Den again this year but also a lack of new toy models during the entire pandemic. But hopefully arriving toys also mean arriving orders and the current red figures should shrink a bit before the monthly expenses hit us.
There are plenty of reserves to survive this low for a long time but it’s nothing we like to see happening in the first place.