Wolf Cum samples

Entries in this blog have become very repetitive with lots of deliveries arriving but not much else happening during this pandemic. Sorry.
So a quick note that would otherwise not be worth writing about:

We got some tiny samples of Wolf Cum Lube and Wolf Lube that we are randomly distributing into shipped orders. (Wolf Cum Lube for ejeculating toys unless a full bottle was part of the order anyway).

(Image not to scale 😉 )

shop outage last night

The shop was offline for the night because last evening Debian updated the PHP MySQL extension for PHP 8 and just uninstalled MySQL for PHP7.x in the process.

Fixed a very minor SSL issue

We just fixed a minor SSL issue that some may or may not have noticed.
While the certificate of our server was always up to date,
the web server sent along some additional, outdated intermediate certificates of our CA that any web browser would just ignore.
This likely has never caused any issues with web browsers but one of our payment solutions (that also uses HTTPS) did.
Nothing at all to worry about.

Shop outdage fixed

We had a short outage that search and product category listing where empty.

Looks like after an update Elasticsearch crashed (again). :/

We’ll keep an eye on it.

old statistics

Looks the statistics we use to determine what to oders didn’t update for a few days.
The password expired and the script could not access the store API to fetch new data.
Luckily we didn’t place any large orders while this happened.

DHL update

We did a major update of the DHL shipping module in our shop software.
You can now select a DHL parcel station on a nice map
and we are prepared for the next major version of the shop software in a few month.
(We are waiting for a compatible version of a special, German plugin needed to display base prices per 1L/1Kg for bottles of lubricants. A feature required by law.)

Now we will have to wait for the first customer to create orders with the new module, to verify that (bulk) printing and our own extensions are still working as designed. We know that it still does work with orders that already exist.

Minor catalog outage

A software update of Elasticsearch has caused our shop listings to be empty as the service failed to restart after the update.
This has now been fixed and the shop is no longer empty.

Covid 19 shipping update

As announced earlier, the +2.2€/Kg Corona surcharge by DHL for shipping to the US has been removed from our shop.
Effective tomorrow.

We had to fight some technical issues with the shop software that prevented us from uploading the new shipping rates. But these have been fixed.

Mistake fixed – FurryStyle toy: FOX PAW

We are currently performing our yearly post-Eurofurence inventory counting.
While doing that we noticed a grave mistake.
All 3 variants of the FurryStyle FOW PAW have only been visible by search and not in the catalogue. Aparently this was the case since their premiere in March.

As everyone on the FurryStyle announcements mailing list already knows,
FurryStyle has released some new toys.

From the announcement:

These cuties have been carefully designed with a smooth, satin finish and leathery paw pads.
They are ment to be enjoyable for gentle stroking and massaging as well as internal use.
Depite their unusual shape, the claws and curves are crafted to make them into a usable and easy to clean toy for the later.
These cute, little paws willbe available in all 3 sizes with the standadized size categories and prices you have come to expect of FurryStyle.

You can find them in the YiffyToys shop already. We have also added photos with size comparisons for a few other toys

Tiny Fox Paw (15cm for 25.50€)

Mini Fox Paw (17cm for 36€)

There are some production issues.
So the (regular Fox Paw (23.5cm for 56€) will be available shortly.
We will write a short blog posting when these become available.

The virus situation

Despite the current situation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the YiffyToys shop is still open and your orders are being shipped.
Especially within Germany there are no issues with DHL or regular Hermes parcels. However if you want your parcel delivered via Hermes Shop2Shop, please make sure that the chosen destination is actually open for business.
There are some limitations imposed by DHL for regions of the world that are completely locked down and DHL added an additional +16€ for all shipments to the United States.

More photos

The sizes do follow the standard sizes FurryStyle has for all their current products.