Returned from Eurofurence

We returned from Eurofurence last night and just returned the trailer a few hours ago.

Obviously the work isn’t done yet.
First order of business: GET SOME SLEEP.

Some tasks are already done:
All boxes have been returned to their proper shelves.
We checked all open online-orders and will package them today.
Amazon has been reactivated.
The blocks in the YiffyToys online shop informing customers that we are away on Eurofurence have been deactivated again.
The majority of waiting invoices and bank transactions has been handled. (oh joy, more paperwork)
Started a spredsheet to see how much we paid and earned during EF27.

We still need to:
Do a final count of the cash.
Perform a full inventory count.
Add the toys received from Neotori during EF to our inventory.
Place orders with all manufacturers to restock ASAP.
Handle some returned parcels waiting.
Handle some paperwork that was waiting in the mail
Tally up all the earnings and cost.
Refuel and clean the truck.