Bad Wolf restocked for Eurofurence

After DPD delayed it quite a while, the delivery by Bad Wolf (English / German) has arrived at the last possible day. We are now in a hurry to sort all of them, add prices and finally optimize the hell our of the storage boxes we will have at our table to leave as few toy models behind as possible.
All 54 toys are in stock now.
We also received 56 toys for the daily Bargain Bins at Eurofurence.
Note that there is a change this year:
We will have 3 separate Bargain Bins. One for each day.

Two of the wearable horses have been deliverd in the wrong colour.
We have updated the name and description in the shop and on the product labels to reflect this.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)