New missing FurryStyle Toy: The regular sized Avali

Last year in the Eurofurence 26 After Dark Dealers Den, we presented the Mini and Tiny Avali but only showed the regular sized one as a prototype.

(regular sized)

History and delays

The prototype was smaller then FurryStyle envisioned, yet already at the very edge of what the current tools could make and had a visible seam. After a long process of trying different methods, FurryStyle ended up with this new Avali.


As said, it is larger. No compromise in the desired size had to be made anymore.
It also has a velvet surface finish that lets lubricant better stick to it then the mirror finish of the Tiny Avali (where such a property is less important).
While the default colour of most other FurryStyle toys is a neutral black with custom colours and firmnesses offered as desired, this one will have a salmon and grey default colour schema.


We will bring some of these new Avali to the Eurofurence 27 Dealers Den next week.
There will also be flops and prototypes for sale in the huge Bargain Bin.
Given the long waiting time, you can already order the new Avali either to pick it up in the Dealers Den or to have it shipped.
Subscribers to the FurryStyle Mailing List have already received the announcement and can order the new toy.
Note that in case we should run low on toys, we reserve the right choose to delay orders to be shipped until after Eurofurence. This is to make sure we have plenty of them at the table in Hamburg.

(Avali race created by RyuujinZERO)

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