Email and tracking improvements

A lot of custiom and highly specialized PHP coding happened last night and this morning.

Improved Emails

We have fixed a mistake in certain automatic emails, where the adresses would not be shown. Sadly we don’t ever get to see the emails our shop sends out (they don’t end up in our „sent“ folder or something), so this was not noticed earlier.

More importantly, the shipping emails now include the tracking numbers and they are even clickable. (A custom functionality the shop software doesn’t offer by default despite having tracking links in the administrative user interface.)

Improved Postage Labels

Also due to a bug some postage labels would include the name of the shop.
This has been fixed right away after it has come to our attention.

Improved Administrative tools

We also changed some parts of the administrative user interface so allow status updates on an entire group of orders (e.g. orders that have been shipped or that have been printed for shipping) instead of opening each of these orders individually.

That doesn’t sound like much but it does save considerable time and removes repetitive tasks.