Sidewinder restocked

Sidewinder had to take a break bow we got a delivery of Sidewinder Creations toys (English / German).
Again 5 of 53 toys are still out of stock but we are placing a new order right away.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

Furoticon playing cards discontinued

Serveral years ago we started to sell Furoticon playing cards.
We did that because we could not sell dildos in Dealers Den but wanted to be present and seen (and hand out invitations to our YiffyToys room party).

Since Eurofurence has an After Dark Dealers Den, this is no longer needed.
So we have stopped ordering new cards.

Today the last of the remaining cards has been sold and we have deactivated the category in the shop. We only have some left over mugs and mouse pads.