General improvements

A lot has happened with the YiffyToys shop. Most of it completely invisible.


Due to a bug in the shop software a LOT of redundant copies of product images have accumulated on the server. Balooning a few hundred megabyte of images into 20 gigabyte.
Fixing this has broken some images we used in categroes as examples for single sizes or single manufacturers. This has been fixed as soon as we noticed it


Every now and then people order an item with a quantity > 1.
Being a particularly seldom case in this business. this is easy to overlook during packaging.
We improved our printed invoices to not only contain the barcode of each item but also to highlight all quantities >1 to prevent such mistakes.

One Stop Shop

Because 2021 was a particularly bad year due to shipping delays and materia shortages,
January was the first month for us to work with the OSS VAT rules.
This means for European customers we charge each countrie’s VAT depending on the delivery address. (In the case of Northern Ireland, even depending on the zip code within the destination country. Thanks Brexit!) This also means that each month we need to split up our sales not only into VAT-free exports and EU-sales but into 27 different EU countries and non-EU exports. The invoicing and book keeping has already been prepared. New custom reports help us to get these numbers. More importantly. They help us to verify that the numbers we report are correct.
(The report for OSS happens quarterly but as local VAT is due monthly, we have to do this work every month anyway.)