KnotMe restocked

Good news everyone.
The delivery by KnotMe that had to be delayed due to the holidays has just arrived.
ALL KnotMe toys in the shop are back in stock.

These where already listed on
While adding them also to we found that we completely forgot to remove the note about our Eurofurence Room Party from when these where originally introduced.
(We only see the German text by default and have to actively switch to english. While adjusting stock levels or replacing photos there is usually no point in doing so. Especially as it takes a complete rebuilding of the product page in the browser.)

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

Neue Sidewinder und KnotMe Lieferungen eingetroffen

Einige der Neuen Sidewinder Modelle waren schnell vergriffen.

Heute ist bereits Nachschub eingetroffen.

KnotMe Buck Flared

Außerdem gibt es auch Nachschub von KnotMe.

Somit ist z.B. der Buck Flared wieder lieferbar.




Zur Erinnerung, dies sind die neuen Sidewinder Modelle:


Morika ist eine neue Drachen Vagina.

Casssie in Klein (Blau) und in Groß (Schwarz) 

sind penetrierbare Schlangen.

Die Spreader V1 (Schwach) und V2 (Stark) dagegen sind Übungs-Toys zur Dehnung. Eine genauere Beschreibung findet ihr auf den Produktseiten.