Furrystyle is down

Dear Furrystyle.com and Furry2Furry.com Customers,

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our server has gone down. The damage is minimal to data, but the hardware is damaged beyond repair. Please bear with us while we move to a new server to better serve you, our customers.

Look forward to seeing us within the next week. We are excited to be moving to a Dual Processor, Dual core AMD Opteron based machine, and hope it can provide better stability overall.

For Furrystyle.com orders, since the site and cart system are down, no new orders can be placed at this time. Be assured all orders received are being filled though. Work continues on our completely new line of toys as well, and perhaps you will see the first of them once the new server is running!

Contacts for FurryStyle.com orders only are:

US TOLL FREE: 1-866-469-4339 to leave us a voice mail


Email: sk8tr_96@yahoo.com with "FURRYSTYLE" in subject line

Check back often, and we will be working night and day to bring back the server!


Jangbu the Yak and Morgan Löwe

On behalf of FurryStyle.com and Furry2Furry.com

update: Mittlerweile sagen die Server „updating system“. Anscheinend ist die Neu-Installation und das Wiederherstellen des letzten Datenbestandes im Gange.