Eurofurence21 – Room Party, Dealers Den and vacation

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Online Shop

Starting 2015-08-09 until 2015-08-24 

  • no shipments will leave
  • we’ll take more time to respond to your messages
  • the stock in the shop may be inaccurate (since we sell items at the room party)
Email will reach us without delay. However we won’t be in a position to answer it right away at all times. We’ll try to answer your messages several times a day anyway.
The stock values will be updated as soon as time permits after the Dealers Den sales every day and first or second Room Party. However counting your inventory and putting it online takes some time. If orders made during the convention are affected by this, we’ll contact you individually.


In the shop it is possible to order with the shipping method „pick up at conventionuntil 2015-08-08. 
You can pick up these orders during our room parties. (not in Dealers Den. Sorry about that).

Custom made products will only be accepted for pick up until 2015-07-31 and only on a case by case basis.

Room Party

Due to the large demand and since there is no Paw Pet Show this year, we’re doing 2 Room Partys!
on  Thursday starting 22:00 – open end, and
on  Friday starting 20:00 – open end

in SUITE 10410

These partys go on for a long time. There is absolutely no need to arrive right at the start. Any random time later that night is not only perfectly okay but also much easier on all of us and all of you.
A bouncer at the door will inform you if the suite is too crowded and you should come back later.

Like evey other hotel guest, we won’t know the  room-number until we actually check in with the hotel.
That’s why we’ll announce it

We offer
  • comfortable environment with music, free non-alcoholic drinks in a large suite with couches
  • the opportunity to hold our dildos in your own hands for closer inspection of their size, weight, firmness and texture (sealed in clear bags of cause) instead of relying on numbers on a web site.
  • picking up pre-orders without shipping fees
  • see and buy exclusive new toy premiering during the Room Party 
  • (The toys will be announced in the next days but you can only buy the first batch during the party)
  • crates of dildos with tiny defects at reduced prices  (we don’t offer these online due to the work in making dozens of photos of each one and describing the specific defect in detail)
Proposals for music to play are greatly appreciated!

Dealers Den

Contrary to last year, we’re back in Dealers Den!
There we’ll sell the newest Furoticon erotic playing cards.
Currently the brand new
Brundali Rail Heist Steampunk-Edition and
thed 4th Vanilla Caramel Edition are being shipped right from the factory.

We’ll also have lots of room party invitations with the suite-number and starting times on our Dealers Den table.