No YiffyToys Room Party next year

fox in shopping cart

We liked doing the yearly Room Party at Eurofurence. It was a lot of work but it was also fun. And we sold a lot of toys each time.

Many years ago, after it became inpossible to sell our toys in the regular Dealers Den, we started to sell them at private room parties. It worked well when it was just a few boxes. It still worked when we had to bring our own, small furniture to be able to stack boxes on top of each other. It became a lot more work when we had to rent a trailer, bring entire shelves and get motorized logistics equipment to still be able to move it all.

However we have reached all limits this year.

  • The limit of how many shelves and boxes we can present in the largest suite.
  • The limit of how much we can prepare and load within 3 days of work.
  • The limit of how much our truck can carry to and from the conventon.
  • The limit how much we can unload and load on-site, devoting an entire convention day just for unloading and another one for loading.
  • The limit of how much work we can do during the convention with the new After Dark Dealers Den before the long party nights.
  • The limit of how much we can disrupt our online shop not just during the week of the convention but also before and afterwards for a fairly long time.

Since we now have the After Dark Dealers Den and it worked well and will exist again and even grow next year, we are presented with two choices:

  1. Reduce the selection of toys drastically
  2. or give up the room party and only do the After Dark Dealers Den.

So we  made a decision. Since we must make a selection in the toys we offer on site either way and thus remove the actual point of the large room party compared to the smaller Dealers Den,

we will only do the After Dark Dealers Den next year.

We will try to get a second shelf or table next year, when there hopefully is more room available. But no more then 2.

We will still offer to make online shop orders to be picked up or even just looked at at the convention.