Yes, none of us can hear it anymore but the date of a possible „hard Brexit“ is creeping nearer. We will update this blog posting as more information arrives from our the companies who’s services we use.


A week before the possible hard Brexit (22.3.2019) we will deactivate our presence on until is becomes clear how this is to continue.

Amazon is urging is to stockpile our products in their UK warehouse but we are too small and our UK sales too irregular to do that. We need our stock right here for our many EU customers.


Starting 26.3.2019 DHL requires us to add details customs documentation to all packages for destinations within the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Delivery times for these destinations can not be guaranteed by DHL and thus also not by us.

In Case of a hard Brexit, DHL will start requiring an additional „Brexit Fee“ starting on the 2019-04-01 „or later“ for the handling. We will add that to the shipping price unaltered. The fee is an additional 10.29€ .

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