Improved statistics

This may sound boring but for us this is a big deal.

We can now make better predictions for toys that have already run out of stock and get a better recommendation on how many to order. They take the current, medium term and long term situation situation into consideration.

Why is this important for you?

We constantly keep toys by 13 manufacturers in stock and with custom, discontinued and upcoming toys we have reached nearly 900 different toys and variations in the system.

If you are able to order a toy in the YiffyToys shop, this means we actually have it right here in the small warehouse to ship it right away. That means we had to order it some time between 2 weeks and 4 month ahead of time.

So with the money we have at hand, we need to have a good prediction of what toys will be ordered. Else we would waste our limited space (and considerable funds) on overstocked toys instead of a broader selection for you to choose from.

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