Regarding pressure selling

Because the topic of „pressure selling“ was in the news today,
we’d like to explain one of the things our shop software automatically does:

Because we import many toys from overseas, it does take longer for bulk orders to arrive. In the mean time there are often toys that do get out of stock. We try to prevent this from happening but it is unavoidable that this does happens. Sometimes the manufacturer has a minimum order quantity or only no other toys from this manufacturer need restocking. Then it may even stay that way for a short while. However unless it is stated otherwise, all these toys will be back for sale later.

Because this is happening regularly, we do show a reminder „only N left“. This is done automatically if and only if very few are left in stock.
The number shown comes directly from our inventory management system. At any time, it should precisely reflect the number we have left in stock that are not reserved for recent orders. Due to orders being cancelled or simple human error (e.g. a simple mistake in the last inventory count or counting an L toy as the XL version,…) that number may sometimes go up again. This is not typical behavior but it does happen.