Exotic Erotics (finally) restocked

The large delivery from Exotic Erotics, that was stuck in customs for export from the US for nearly a month, has finally arrived.
We just picked it up from the local customs office this morning.

New Models

We did also get 2 new models.
They will be photographed and added to the shop this weekend.
Shipping orders – especially the custom toys included in this order – has higher priority. People had to wait exceptionally long this time.

Stock status

There are just 3 Exotic Erotics models that are currently not in stock.
The Silver (medium sized horse toy), the (M) size of the Giraffe and the (L) size of the Elephant.

Given the extreme delivery time of the last order, we have to place our next order right away. So only custom toys that we already know about will be included. There will not be a waiting time for people to ask for including additional custom toys. Sorry.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)