tons of photos

We just took the time to make a ton of additional product photos.
Mostly Exotic Erotics toys that did not have a perfectly white background before.
Naturally a lot of additional size comparisons where also made.
So you can see each toy next to a popular other toy in the same size class and similar species/spahe.
For toys that come in many sizes, of cause always also next to the larger and smaller variant of the same toy.


It is not possible to make photos of all combinations of toys.
So it is unlikely that you’ll find a size comparison with a specific toy you already have and know the size of.
However we do a number of things to help you:

  • We keep a number of reference toys that are not sold. So you can always find a size comparison with one of them and they in turn have a size comparison with a lot of other toys.
  • We do photo shoots in batches instead of individual toys. So a number of other toys are already cleaned and ready to act as a comparison.
  • If we can get our hands on damaged toys that still look good from at least one side, we try to add them to our collection of size reference toys