New server

We are currently in the process of setting up a new and bigger server for our shop.
This Blog has already been moved to the new server and we are making preparations to move the actual shop within the next few days.


On Sunday (the morning after) we noticed a misconfiguration that broke the unencrypted website.
It was not noticed right away because modern browsers would alway try the TLS encrypted website first but easily fixed.
We also forgot a Reverse-DNS entry causing GMX to refuse a single email but this was easily fixed.

Update 2

On Sunday evening we identified and fixed an issue causing a „We can’t add this item to your shoppingn cart“ for some (but not all) products.

  • Customer website works
  • Shopkeeper website works
  • Email works
  • Ordering seems to work.
  • Credit card payments seem to work.
  • Automatic DHL label creation seems to be broken but we can’t find out why just yet. We can however do that manually to continue operating. DHL issue fixed too.
  • Waiting to see if any live Paypal orders are coming in
  • While at it, we also performed a larger software update of the shop software