upcoming deliveries

There are a lot of manufacturers we have to keep track of
and we are always looking for new ones to add.
So here is how things are looking from our end of the table:

looking good

FurryStyle and GLC are kept pretty much fully restocked as usual.
New medium sized Avali will be made sone.
FoxyRabbit, LizardLars, FlurbMe and TwinTails are looking good.
No reason to place any new orders at the moment.

arriving soon

A delivery by Exotic Erotics has just arrived at Frankfurt Airport today.
It should be here in a few days.

HornyRam is nearly finished producing our next batch of toys and they will be shipped across the atlantic soon.

Sidewinder is still busy making the next delivery of toys for us. They take just a day or two to get here, when done.
Update: Sidewinder has been shipped

orders placed

We have just received a delivery by Bad Wolf.
While placing our next order right away, we noticed some price issues in their shop software (probably VAT related). So we need to wait for Bad Wolf to fix that or process our order manually first.
Update: Order with BadWolf has been placed.

We did place a new order to restock toys with Neotori.

We also placed an order with KnotMe.
Here we need to decide on the colour of some new models before finalizing that order.