Fixed a strange bug

That was strange.

We noticed a number of products from all kinds of manufacturers had the wrong Attribute Group.
This ment they were missing attribute values that we are very sure they had in the past.
In fact they MUST have had these attributes when the labels of their storage boxes where printed. So probably at least before the last Eurofurence, when we changed some ordering around.

Attributes line a „storage box number“ of where to find them, A“country of manufacture“.
A „manufacturer sale price“.
Instructions how to reorder them (to not accidentally order the wrong colour,…).

It also ment these products would not show up to be restocked.
Because the Attribute Group they did suddenly have was reserved for invisible products that are options to select when ordering your own toy custom made.
The statistics we use completely ignores these.

We changed these to the right values and found out all the missing information from their labels on storage and our history of past orders with their respective manufacturer.