Credit Card temporary workaround

The current version of the credit card checkout page experienced technical difficulties and we shut it down last week.
SEPA bank transfers and Paypal of cause are unaffected and work perfectly fine.

Our regular credit card processor is still very slow to provide us with the needed account data to set up their new generation of checkout pages. This migration would be needed anyway to support the mandatory „3D secure II“ later this year. However they didn’t plan for customers to asl for the migration before the start of May.

In the mean time we have set up with another provider to keep accepting credit cards until this is over. We already received the first orders with it. No issues so far. Selling dildos is perfectly fine by the very letter of their T&S but it may stil show that they interprete their own terms rather loosely and we’ll have to give up this temporary workaround. As long as they do the payouts, we’re fine.

We are also investigating Amazon Pay. However we need to clarify in writing if they allow us. „product similar to erotic services“ (erotics being depictions of humans and services being different from products) are not allowed and we need to know in writing if this does or does not mean sex toys.