Covid 19 shipping price update

Cheaper shipping to USA during the Covid-19 crisis

Effective today DHL has reduced it’s penalty for shipments to the USA.
Not only did we take the opportunity to reflect this in our lowered USA shipping fees but we also automated the update process of shipping fees in the shop.


Prices for parcels to locations outside Germany are now calculated more precisely on a per-Kilogramm basis instead of just 5 weight classes.

Obviously the automation makes it much easiser to remove the covid-19 related DHL fees when international flight resumes and there are enough passenger planed to take some mail along for the ride.

We no longer have to search for each of the 194 supported countries to update their prices individually. Since DHL increases their prices more or less yearly, this is a regular task and it is important that we don’t forget some remote island state.
(Not that 3 very, very exotic DHL destinations are not supported simple because DHL knows about them but the shop system doesn’t.)

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