Covid 19 shipping update


DHL is still warning about delays due to large volumes of parcels being moved.
They have hired additional staff and shifted some work to other departments
Current limitations (such as countries we can’t ship to) can always be seen here.

Restocking toys from the US of A

The large toy delivery sent by Exotic Erotics is still on it’s way.
We expect it to arrive safely but with a significant delay.
The last one during February was delayed by an entire month. We hope that it will be less extreme this time.

Restocking toys from within Europe

Apart from some manufacturers experiencing delays in getting their Silicone,
there should be no noticable delays for us in restocking toys.


DHL has lifted the size limitation when shipping to Belgium that we mentioned the last time.

There will still be delays and there are still some limitationt that don’t affect us.


There where some limitations that don’t affect us. (Parcels >20Kg that require 2 people to carry).
In addition DHL is reporting delays. These of cause do affect our orders.

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