New large Bernard by Exotic Erotics

Apart from the 4 new Twin Tails toys, we are also adding a new size for the popular Bernard made by Exotic Erotics.

As you can see, the large Bernard is not that much of a step up from the regular size but when you take it, it does make quite a difference.
Regular: 25cm (10″) of usable length and 22cm (8.7″) of knot circumfence.
Large: 29 (11.4″) of usable length and 26,5cm (10.4″) of knot circumfence.


If you do like a smaller one, we can recommend
the modelled Dog Bernaryn Fat from Bad Wolf (length: 16cm (6.3″) knot: 19cm (7.5″))
the life cast Murray by Exotic Erotics (length: 20cm (8″) knot: 20,6cm (8.1″)) or
the life cast Bartlebee by Exotic Erotics (length: 23cm (9″) knot: 18cm (7″))

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