*Four* new toys by Twin Tails

With the last delivery by Twin Tails, we also got 4 new toys for our lineup.
(We waited a few days because there where so many other new toys and our „New Products“ section on the YiffyToys shop front page can only handle 4 at a time.)

Jake the Stout Werewolf – Knotplug (Small)

Jake is Stout Werewolf with 13cm (5.1″) usable length but a knot circumfence of 16.5cm (6,5″) unusual for such a short toy. Ideal if you don’t like depth.

Zane the Felkin (Small)

As usual with Twin Tails, the colours are just amazing. Still a small toy, Zane the Felkin (Small) has 15cm(5.9″) of usable length and knot of 17.1cm (6.7″) circumfence.

Atlas (Small and Medium)

The Atlas comes in 2 sizes.
Atlas the Unicorn (Medium) is 750g with 23cm(9″) of usable length in the „Nightfall – Signature“ coloring of this toy. It is close to the upper end (26cm) of our „regular“, manufacturer-independent size class.

Atlas the Unicorn (Small) comes in the alternative „Night Sky Blue“ coloring with 17,1cm (6.7″) of usable length at the very bottom of the „regular“ size class.