Alto size fixed and price adjustments

A customer notifed us that the given size of the Twin Tails „Alto“ was that if the „mini“ and not of the „Small“ variant.
We have taken new meassurements and fixed this.

Twin Tails prices

While checking this, we noticed that Twin Tails had raised some and lowered other prices.
We have chosen a very optimistic exchange rate as we adjusted our prices to match.

Improved descriptions

We also improved some old-style descriptions.
For example, the Mocha and the Atlas now links the two size variants
(Also for the different versions of the Sidewinder „Arashiin“).
Also it seems that the Small Hidora was missing an english translation,
Atlas medium was showing a default photo of an Atlas small in English (it was correct in German).
And while at it, we consolidated the wording for „ejaculating“ in German and English product names.

Black Friday

You can find reduced prices all over the YiffyToys shop!
All overseas manufacturers as well as GLC and FurryStyle.
Some prices have also been permanently lowered.
For some we can just delay to sadly raise them a little longer.

  • Elypse Art
  • Exotic Erotics
  • FoxyRabbit
  • FurryStyle
  • GLC
  • Horny Ram
  • Twin Tails
  • Zetacreations

Exchange rates

We usually don’t do this but the stabilizing Exchange rates gave us a bit of room to breath here.
Granted, it’s not much.

Toys by Twin Tails restocked

We received a delivery by Twin Tails.
1 out of 26 toys is still out of stock.

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

Returned from furmeet. Lots of deliveries.

Finally furmeets again

As can be seen ihn our event-calendar (for personal pickup of orders),
we have just returned from a 4 day furmeet and will resume normal operations tomorrow.


There are a total of 3 large deliveries waiting for us in customs and we’ll try to pick them all up tomorrow.
Exotic Erotics (waiting for the pdf invoice but that will likely arrive in time),
Zetacreations and
Twin Tails.

Material shortage

Some European manufacturers are suffering from material shortages and are struggling to finish deliveries or have closed down new orders for the time being. The US manufacturers we import don’t seem to be affected yet.

YiffyToys financial situation

We also managed to pay our import fees for an Exotic Erotics delivery that was accidentally delivered to us without and customs a few weeks ago. (Have to keep our books clean after all.)

Financially the shop is struggling quite a lot. Not only with so many deliveries to be paid for and no physical Eurofurence Dealers Den again this year but also a lack of new toy models during the entire pandemic. But hopefully arriving toys also mean arriving orders and the current red figures should shrink a bit before the monthly expenses hit us.
There are plenty of reserves to survive this low for a long time but it’s nothing we like to see happening in the first place.

*Four* new toys by Twin Tails

With the last delivery by Twin Tails, we also got 4 new toys for our lineup.
(We waited a few days because there where so many other new toys and our „New Products“ section on the YiffyToys shop front page can only handle 4 at a time.)

Jake the Stout Werewolf – Knotplug (Small)

Jake is Stout Werewolf with 13cm (5.1″) usable length but a knot circumfence of 16.5cm (6,5″) unusual for such a short toy. Ideal if you don’t like depth.

Zane the Felkin (Small)

As usual with Twin Tails, the colours are just amazing. Still a small toy, Zane the Felkin (Small) has 15cm(5.9″) of usable length and knot of 17.1cm (6.7″) circumfence.

Atlas (Small and Medium)

The Atlas comes in 2 sizes.
Atlas the Unicorn (Medium) is 750g with 23cm(9″) of usable length in the „Nightfall – Signature“ coloring of this toy. It is close to the upper end (26cm) of our „regular“, manufacturer-independent size class.

Atlas the Unicorn (Small) comes in the alternative „Night Sky Blue“ coloring with 17,1cm (6.7″) of usable length at the very bottom of the „regular“ size class.

Toys by Twin Tails restocked (4 new toys)

We received a delivery by Twin Tails.
2 out of 21 toys are still out of stock. But it’s a start.

The delivery also includes 4 new toys that we need to protograph first.
So stay tuned!

(Yes, postings in the category „Disturbing Dildo Deliveries“ are basically copy&pasted.
There is just nothing original to write about such a thing but many people are waiting
for toys of a specific manufacturer to come in, so it’s important we post these.)

After vacation: Huge deliveries by Exotic Erotics and Bad Wolf

We have been away for a few days and have just returned.
All waiting orders have been shipped.
Things are back to normal now.

EE Delivery

There was a huge delivery of Exotic Erotics toys.
Since US deliveries are heavily delayed due to the low number of flights,
lots of toys are still out of stock (despite having plenty of supply when we placed this order 2 month ago).

We have already placed our next order (even larger then the last one) to take care of that situation.

Bad Wolf Delivery

We also just received a lot of Wolf Cum Lube and Bad Wolf toys.
The 250ml version has a new bottle and we’ll update our photos during the weekend.

Here we will place a new order tomorrow.

Expecting Twin Tails

There is also a delivery by Twin Tails, that has already arrived in Germany. However we haven’t received it yet.

FurryStyle delays

There has been a rush on custom toys by FurryStyle.
This is currently resulting in a delay of a few days in refilling our „shelves“.